LiPoly Battery Thickness 0.4mm to 1.9mm

It’s an Ultra-Thin lipoly battery series. The amazing smallest thickness is 0.4mm with 25mAh. They are used for smart cards or other thinner applications. When you want an ultra thin lipoly battery, we are the best supplier. It’s also possible to make a custom lipoly battery for you. Contact us today!

We are high-reliability lipoly battery manufacturer in China. We support one to one service for your requests. Customized Prototype is possible within one week delivery to the globe. Huge Selection of LiPoly Battery for wearable or medical prototype. Get fast samples for testing now!

– Best LiPoly Batteries 3.7V
– Massive Range of Current LiPoly Batteries
– Half Manufacturing Cost
– Cost-Effective for your application
– Custom Service Available
– OEM & ODM Service
– Ultra-Low-Cost LiPoly battery
– Accurate Size & Safe, Stable

Ask sample and datasheet for evaluate & prototypes now!

Lead time of LiPoly Battery

The lead time is one week when the lipoly battery is in stock, and the PCM (Protection Circuit Module) is standard without custom request. The lead time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new lipoly batteries.

Shipment for LiPoly Battery

Usually, we ship the lipoly batteries via expresses, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS Door to Door. The shipping time is 4-5 days. We also provide the shipment by air or by sea when the order quantity is large.

* DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) trade term is available for us. We arrange the lipoly battery shipment from China to your door. We help you to finish the import duty and customs clearance. The shipping time is appr 15 days. Please tell me your beautiful country when you want, we can provide DDP for most countries but a few ones.

Payment for LiPoly Battery

Bank transfer is the primary payment. We also accept PayPal payment for samples and small orders. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create a new one quickly and connect to your debit or credit card.

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LiPoly Battery Thickness 0.4mm to 1.9mm

Voltage: 3.7V
L = Length, W = Width, T = Thickness [mm]
LP04225521 mAh0.42255
LP07273625 mAh0.72736
LP0818318 mAh0.81831
LP09403458 mAh0.94034
LP10141415 mAh1.01414
LP10303550 mAh1.03035
LP10305390 mAh1.03053
LP14281735 mAh1.42817
LP15102012 mAh1.51020
LP15102512 mAh1.51025
LP15251750 mAh1.52517
LP15263895 mAh1.52638
LP153040110 mAh1.53040
LP1580981400 mAh1.58098
LP16182333 mAh1.61823
LP16182537 mAh1.61825
LP18214280 mAh1.82142
LP185388790 mAh1.85388
LP19132025 mAh1.91320
LP19162235 mAh1.91622
LP193555210 mAh1.93555

New Applications of LiPoly Battery