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LiPol Battery Co., Ltd.

We are leading designer & manufacturer of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery cell&packs in Shenzhen, China and was found 2002. LIPOL team has been focusing on providing great Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Solutions for product development. From the design and customize Lithium Ion Polymer Battery(also named LiPoly, Li-Poly, Li-Polymer), to battery testing and shipment, we can meet the customer’s unique requirements within effective time,  for helping customer win the project.

What we do manufacture?

In over 8 years of experience in working with various electronic designed company, we developed and designed different series of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery for selection and evaluation, all of which are of high quality, accurate size and extened battery life.

Standard Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series:   

New List 2017 ;    Lithium ion polymer battery 20mAh -10000mAh ;    3.7v Hot-selling Lithium ion polymer battery;  

Lithium ion polymer battery 5000+mA;    Lithium ion polymer battery Packs

High Discharge Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series:  Dishcarge Current: 5C~65C

 High Rate Discharge Lithium ion polymer battery

Sepcial Shape Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series: Voltage: 3.7V;  Dishcarge Current: 1C~2C;

 Curved Lithium ion polymer battery

What do our polymer batteries used for?

Our Lithium Ion Polymer Battery are deisgned for Wearable Medical devices, hardware prototypes, wiresless devices and fitness tracking devices….

Learn more about our Lithium Ion Polymer Battery applications: http://www.lipoly-battery/applications.html

Our quality

Protective Cirucuit(Prevent the battery from short circuiting), NTC(Thermistor wire) and Connectors(Molex, JST) are assembled when requested. All Lithium Ion Polymer Battery made by LIPOL will be technological tested and charged to 60% before shippment: capacity, voltage, dimensions, weight, work current, overdischarge detection, overcharge detection and so on.


ISO 9001-2008, CE, UL, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 and other SGS certifications

Where are we?

Bldg 4A, JunFeng Industrial Zone,  ChongQing Rd, Shenzhen, China 518000

How can i contact you to order?

Please contact us by offical E-mail about the models, quantity or other requirements of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery you intersting. We’ll reply your within 12hours. 

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