Unveiling the Power of Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 26650

The Advancement to Lithium-Ion Rechargeable 26650 Batteries

Transitioning from the standard lithium ion 18650 batteries, the 26650 models bring forth an array of enhancements that cater to the growing demands for more efficient and reliable power sources. With a larger diameter and length, the 26650 lithium ion batteries provide a higher capacity, making them ideal for applications requiring extended run times without frequent recharges.

Li-ion Battery LP26650C-3S-4000MAH

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery LP26650C 3S 10.8V 4000mAh PCM HY-2P Connector

Li-ion Battery LP26650-2P-3.6V-9000MAH

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery LP26650B 2P 3.6V 4000mAh PCM JST PHR-2

Key Features of Lithium-ion Rechargeable 26650 Batteries

  • Enhanced Capacity and Power: The 26650 lithium ion batteries boast a significant increase in capacity compared to their 18650 counterparts. This means more prolonged usage, making them perfect for high-power demand devices such as high-intensity flashlights, electric vehicles, and large-scale portable electronics.

  • Durability and Reliability: These batteries are designed to withstand rigorous usage cycles, maintaining their efficiency over time. The robust structure of the 26650 lithium ion batteries ensures durability, offering a reliable power solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Versatility and Compatibility: Standard 26650 lithium ion batteries are engineered to be versatile, fitting into a variety of devices without the need for extensive modifications. Their standardized size ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of gadgets and equipment, streamlining the transition from older battery models.

  • Safety and Stability: Prioritizing safety, the 26650 lithium-ion batteries incorporate built-in protective measures to prevent overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting, ensuring a safe and stable power supply for every use.

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 26650 List

part numbervoltagecapacitysize
LP26650A 2S7.4V5000mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650B 2S7.4V4500mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650C 2S7.4V4000mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650A 2P3.7V10000mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650B 2P3.7V9000mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650C 2P3.7V8000mAh70*52*26mm
LP26650A 3S11.1V5000mAh79*70*26mm
LP26650B 3S11.1V4500mAh79*70*26mm
LP26650C 3S11.1V4000mAh79*70*26mm
LP26650A 3P3.7V15000mAh79*70*26mm
LP26650B 3P3.7V13500mAh79*70*26mm
LP26650C 3P3.7V12000mAh79*70*26mm