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Mount Connectors/PCM/NTC/Leads. Higher Quality, >500 Longer Cycles Life.

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Lithium ion Polymer Battery Manufacturer in China – LiPOL

LIPOL specialize in create reliable & custom service of Li Polymer Battery for wearable product development company. Over 2000 moldes is manufactured for testing & Prototype, also avaiable for small oder. You can get density energy, compact shape, safe li polymer battery but China manufactory affordable Quotations.

Reliable China Polymer Battery Manufaturer – Product Design Company Good Partner

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, is a lithium ion  polymer battery manufacturer in Shenzhen, China and was found in 2002, with over 8 years of experience in power industrial. LIPOL design and custom different lithium ion polymer batteries cell&packs for high-tech product development companies from wearable, medical, Fitness tracker field. Provide a full services from designing and producing battery, also include battery packing and shipment.

Huge Selection, Different Shape to fit Mechanical Design

Over 2000pcs lithium ion polymer batteries are avaiable for evaluation and small order. Generally, the prismatic lithium ion polymer battery cells are used widely in varity electronic prototype. The curved lithium ion polymer battery is more suitable for wearables or fitenss tracker. Also, the new round lithium ion polymer battery is the first choice for power smart swatch. You won’t find a better battery ideal in anywhere.

Quality lithium ion Polymer Battery, Safe and Durable

All lithium ion polymer battery cell are high-quality batteries, safe with JaPan IC+MOS, and made based on standards of IEC 62133 & RoHS-Compliant. PCM, NTC and popular connectors is optional, only included when requested. What’s more, all lithium ion polymer batteries will be rigorous tested and charger to 60% before shipment.

Select Best Lithium ion Polymer Batteries For Mechanical Design

Over 1000pcs lithium ion polymer batteries that can be designed in your wearable developing product.

Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series


1. High work voltage: 3.7v ~ 4.2v,

2. Stable Continuous Discharge Current: 1C~2C.

3. High Density Capacity in Compact Shape: 20mAh ~ 10000mAh.

4. Extended Batteries Life: 75%~80%capacity after 500cycyles.

5. Safe with Japan IC+Mos, overdischarge/overcharge detection.



Standard Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Lists:


1. Special Shape: Curved, Round, Sector.

2. High work voltage: 3.7v ~ 4.2v.

3. Stable Continuous Discharge Current: 1C~2C.

4. Make good use of the internal space of wearable mechanical Design.

Special Shape Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series

SPecial Shape Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Lists:

High Discharge Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Series


1. High continuous discharge: 5C ~ 60C.
2. High work voltage : 3.7V ~ 4.2V.
3. No memory effect, low self-discharge 3%~5% per month.

Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries Lists:

High Discharg Lithium ion Polymer Batteries List

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