LiPoly Battery Packs In Series/ Parallel

Safe with Japan IC+Mos & Accurate Size & Affordable Price

You can find 2S/7.4V lipoly batteries from us with different capacity 500mAh to 5000mAh. Custom 2S(7.4V) LiPoly Battery. Sample/Small Order Available


2000+ Hot Batteries Models

Mount Connectors/PCM/NTC/Leads. Higher Quality, >500 Longer Cycles Life.

Greate Full Service

Accept Small Orders & Great warranty service. Custom Service: Shape/dimensions/Capacity.

Fast Global Delivery

3-5days Lead Time & 24hours Full Quotes. Rigorous Test,Charge 60% before shipping.

LiPoly Battery Packs in Series/ Parallel

Supplying more than 8 years service of lipoly battery for different electronic products development company, not only the lipoly battery single cell is widely used, the series /parallel lipoly battery is also popular with our customers. Compared to other suppliers of lipoly battery, we offer better service in these aspects.

  1. 2 Cells in Series of 2S LiPoly Battery
  2. Custom Size of 7.4V LiPoly Battery
  3. Working Voltage Range 6.0V to 8.4V
  4. BMS Built-in 2S LiPoly Battery
  5. Custom Length Wires & Molex/JST Connector
  6. Different Capacity 500mAh to 5000mAh

Higher Capacity or Higher Voltages LiPoly Battery Packs

We can provide semi-custom service to manufacture lipoly battery in series (increase voltage: 7.4V, 11.1V, 22.2V…) or in parallel (increase capacity: 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P) in your mechanical dimensions. Also we can manufacture the lipoly battery packs with increasing the voltage and capacity at the same time(2S2P, 3P3S …).

Enhanced Safety with Japan IC & MOS Protectors, More Durable

All lipoly batteries have enhanced safety with Japan IC & MOS protectors, which can provide stable and durable lipoly battery energy for your design prototype. What’s more, we’ll rigorous testing and charging(60%) lipoly-battery packs before shipping to ensure higher quality of lipoly battery packs.

Blue Shrink Wrap and Reasonable Tolerance includes Swell Space

LiPoly Battery Packs will be shrink-wrapped to ensure the right combination of the lipoly battery. On the other hand, the lipoly battery packs have a reasonable tolerance of dimensions, including the space of swell, which fundamentally puts an end to the risk of explosion.

Particular Balancer for Stable Charging/Discharging of LiPoly Battery Packs

We design a special balancer for lipoly battery packs that can be stable, charged, and discharged at the same time and have efficient work with your designed product.

LiPoly Batteries 7.4V in Series 2S
ModelCapacity (mAh)TWL
LP102626 2S 7.4V60020.02626
LP104343 2S 7.4V200020.04343
LP112344 2S 7.4V100022.02344
LP112559 2S 7.4V140022.02559
LP223037 2S 7.4V1654.43037
LP241764 2S 7.4V2004.81764
LP242560 2S 7.4V2904.82560
LP251744 2S 7.4V1305.01744
LP252030 2S 7.4V1105.02030
LP252274 2S 7.4V3505.02274
LP262022 2S 7.4V805.22022
LP262535 2S 7.4V1805.22535
LP281119 2S 7.4V355.61119
LP281622 2S 7.4V605.61622
LP284346 2S 7.4V5005.64346
LP291028 2S 7.4V555.81028
LP291330 2S 7.4V805.81330
LP301045 2S 7.4V1006.01045
LP301125 2S 7.4V606.01125
LP301253 2S 7.4V1456.01253
LP301265 2S 7.4V1906.01265
LP301321 2S 7.4V606.01321
LP301423 2S 7.4V606.01423
LP301525 2S 7.4V756.01525
LP301730 2S 7.4V1106.01730
LP301738 2S 7.4V1406.01738
LP301770 2S 7.4V3006.01770
LP302022 2S 7.4V906.02022
LP302025 2S 7.4V1106.02025
LP302027 2S 7.4V1206.02027
LP302030 2S 7.4V1406.02030
LP302035 2S 7.4V1606.02035
LP302040 2S 7.4V1906.02040
LP302045 2S 7.4V2206.02045
LP302235 2S 7.4V1706.02235
LP302247 2S 7.4V2606.02247
LP302323 2S 7.4V1106.02323
LP302430 2S 7.4V1706.02430
LP302535 2S 7.4V2106.02535
LP302628 2S 7.4V1806.02628
LP302664 2S 7.4V4606.02664
LP302870 2S 7.4V5806.02870
LP303030 2S 7.4V2106.03030
LP303032 2S 7.4V2306.03032
LP303032 2S 7.4V2506.03032
LP303035 2S 7.4V2606.03035
LP303040 2S 7.4V3006.03040
LP303048 2S 7.4V4006.03048
LP303258 2S 7.4V5206.03258
LP303285 2S 7.4V8506.03285
LP303450 2S 7.4V5006.03450
LP303540 2S 7.4V4006.03540
LP303759 2S 7.4V6506.03759
LP304040 2S 7.4V4806.04040
LP311436 2S 7.4V1206.21436
LP312239 2S 7.4V2306.22239
LP321119 2S 7.4V456.41119
LP321324 2S 7.4V706.41324
LP321343 2S 7.4V1406.41343
LP321445 2S 7.4V1606.41445
LP321863 2S 7.4V3206.41863
LP322438 2S 7.4V2506.42438
LP323442 2S 7.4V4006.43442
LP332730 2S 7.4V2206.62730
LP342022 2S 7.4V1006.82022
LP351119 2S 7.4V407.01119
LP351455 2S 7.4V2007.01455
LP351634 2S 7.4V1357.01634
LP352023 2S 7.4V1107.02023
LP352035 2S 7.4V1907.02035
LP352525 2S 7.4V1607.02525
LP352545 2S 7.4V3507.02545
LP352828 2S 7.4V2407.02828
LP352856 2S 7.4V5007.02856
LP353040 2S 7.4V3607.03040
LP353759 2S 7.4V8007.03759
LP361527 2S 7.4V1007.21527
LP363338 2S 7.4V4207.23338
LP381022 2S 7.4V557.61022
LP381423 2S 7.4V907.61423
LP383450 2S 7.4V5207.63450
LP392270 2S 7.4V6007.82270
LP393258 2S 7.4V7507.83258
LP401029 2S 7.4V858.01029
LP401119 2S 7.4V558.01119
LP401215 2S 7.4V408.01215
LP401226 2S 7.4V908.01226
LP401230 2S 7.4V1108.01230
LP401425 2S 7.4V1008.01425
LP401428 2S 7.4V1208.01428
LP401550 2S 7.4V2608.01550
LP401574 2S 7.4V4208.01574
LP401623 2S 7.4V1008.01623
LP401633 2S 7.4V1508.01633
LP401640 2S 7.4V2108.01640
LP401725 2S 7.4V1108.01725
LP401750 2S 7.4V3008.01750
LP401862 2S 7.4V4208.01862
LP402020 2S 7.4V1008.02020
LiPoly Batteries 3.7vin Parallel 2P
LP102626 2P120020.02626
LP104343 2P400020.04343
LP112344 2P200022.02344
LP112559 2P280022.02559
LP223037 2P3304.43037
LP241764 2P4004.81764
LP242560 2P5804.82560
LP251744 2P2605.01744
LP252030 2P2205.02030
LP252274 2P7005.02274
LP262022 2P1605.22022
LP262535 2P3605.22535
LP281119 2P705.61119
LP281622 2P1205.61622
LP284346 2P10005.64346
LP291028 2P1105.81028
LP291330 2P1605.81330
LP301045 2P2006.01045
LP301125 2P1206.01125
LP301253 2P2906.01253
LP301265 2P3806.01265
LP301321 2P1206.01321
LP301423 2P1206.01423
LP301525 2P1506.01525
LP301730 2P2206.01730
LP301738 2P2806.01738
LP301770 2P6006.01770
LP302022 2P1806.02022
LP302025 2P2206.02025
LP302027 2P2406.02027
LP302030 2P2806.02030
LP302035 2P3206.02035
LP302040 2P3806.02040
LP302045 2P4406.02045
LP302235 2P3406.02235
LP302247 2P5206.02247
LP302323 2P2206.02323
LP302430 2P3406.02430
LP302535 2P4206.02535
LP302628 2P3606.02628
LP302664 2P9206.02664
LP302870 2P11606.02870
LP303030 2P4206.03030
LP303032 2P4606.03032
LP303032 2P5006.03032
LP303035 2P5206.03035
LP303048 2P8006.03048
LP303258 2P10406.03258
LP303285 2P17006.03285
LP303450 2P10006.03450
LP303540 2P8006.03540
LP303759 2P13006.03759
LP304040 2P9606.04040
LP311436 2P2406.21436
LP312239 2P4606.22239
LP321119 2P906.41119
LP321324 2P1406.41324
LP321343 2P2806.41343
LP321445 2P3206.41445
LP321863 2P6406.41863
LP322438 2P5006.42438
LP323442 2P8006.43442
LP332730 2P4406.62730
LP342022 2P2006.82022
LP351119 2P807.01119
LP351455 2P4007.01455
LP351634 2P2707.01634
LP352023 2P2207.02023
LP352035 2P3807.02035
LP352525 2P3207.02525
LP352545 2P7007.02545
LP352828 2P4807.02828
LP352856 2P10007.02856
LP353040 2P7207.03040
LP353759 2P16007.03759
LP361527 2P2007.21527
LP363338 2P8407.23338
LP381022 2P1107.61022
LP381423 2P1807.61423
LP383450 2P10407.63450
LP392270 2P12007.82270
LP393258 2P15007.83258
LP401029 2P1708.01029
LP401119 2P1108.01119
LP401215 2P808.01215
LP401226 2P1808.01226
LP401230 2P2208.01230
LP401425 2P2008.01425
LP401428 2P2408.01428
LP401550 2P5208.01550
LP401574 2P8408.01574
LP401623 2P2008.01623
LP401633 2P3008.01633
LP401640 2P4208.01640
LP401725 2P2208.01725
LP401750 2P6008.01750
LP401862 2P8408.01862
LP402020 2P2008.02020

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