LiPoly Battery 3.7V 9000mAh+


LiPoly Battery 3.7V 9000mAh + 

China ISO9001 state-certified lipoly battery company. We have 10+ years of experience in OEM & ODM services. Our sales provide prominent customs support by English, Italian, German, French, Polish, Russian & Chinese. You can get a power explication to include quotation & specifications within a few hours.

9000mAh lipoly battery is a big part of goods. But we no stop trying to decrease the cost but holding great quality. Because more and more computerized assembling lines replace the human lines. Thousands of complex dimensions lipoly batteries we have made and we also made so many molds.


  • Quality China Manufacturer
  • OEM & ODM Service
  • We present an upper 2,000 of lipoly battery with 8 years experience!
  • Great Custom Support.
  • Cost-effective for your apps.
  • Low Priced LiPoly Battery

LiPoly Battery Thickness 10mm

Voltage: 3.7V
L = Length, W = Width, T = Thickness [mm]
LP104843130 mAh104843
LP101425250 mAh101425
LP101525280 mAh101525
LP101920300 mAh101920
LP103836300 mAh103836
LP101626330 mAh101626
LP102323400 mAh102323
LP105060400 mAh105060
LP102320410 mAh102320
LP101532420 mAh101532
LP101537500 mAh101537
LP101929500 mAh101929
LP102029520 mAh102029
LP102426520 mAh102426
LP102032600 mAh102032
LP102034600 mAh102034
LP102228600 mAh102228
LP102231600 mAh102231
LP102430600 mAh102430
LP102525600 mAh102525
LP102626600 mAh102626
LP102433640 mAh102433
LP101649650 mAh101649
LP102035650 mAh102035
LP102428650 mAh102428
LP101552700 mAh101552
LP101752700 mAh101752
LP102039700 mAh102039
LP102530700 mAh102530
LP102730700 mAh102730
LP101748720 mAh101748
LP102040750 mAh102040
LP102534750 mAh102534
LP101462800 mAh101462
LP101751800 mAh101751
LP102634820 mAh102634
LP102042850 mAh102042
LP102528850 mAh102528
LP102535850 mAh102535
LP102735850 mAh102735
LP103028850 mAh103028
LP101948890 mAh101948
LP101563900 mAh101563
LP102044900 mAh102044
LP102045900 mAh102045
LP102543950 mAh102543
LP102732950 mAh102732
LP103030950 mAh103030
LP1020501000 mAh102050
LP1022431000 mAh102243
LP1023421000 mAh102342
LP1024361000 mAh102436
LP1030351000 mAh103035
LP1026461050 mAh102646
LP1029321050 mAh102932
LP1032231050 mAh103223
LP1034361050 mAh103436
LP1020701100 mAh102070
LP1025401100 mAh102540
LP1025411100 mAh102541
LP1030411100 mAh103041
LP1032321100 mAh103232
LP1025481150 mAh102548
LP1020531200 mAh102053
LP1020551200 mAh102055
LP1022501200 mAh102250
LP1030391200 mAh103039
LP1030401200 mAh103040
LP1030421200 mAh103042
LP1031331200 mAh103133
LP1032351200 mAh103235
LP1033331300 mAh103333
LP1034381300 mAh103438
LP1038321300 mAh103832
LP1034421350 mAh103442
LP1035401350 mAh103540
LP1020601400 mAh102060
LP1020641400 mAh102064
LP1026501400 mAh102650
LP1030431400 mAh103043
LP1030451400 mAh103045
LP1030501400 mAh103050
LP1036331400 mAh103633
LP1020621450 mAh102062
LP1025531500 mAh102553
LP1030461500 mAh103046
LP1030481500 mAh103048
LP1032421500 mAh103242
LP1032431500 mAh103243
LP1034401500 mAh103440
LP1034431500 mAh103443
LP1039381500 mAh103938
LP1037401580 mAh103740
LP1025561600 mAh102556
LP1036401600 mAh103640
LP1024681650 mAh102468
LP1024651700 mAh102465
LP1025601700 mAh102560
LP1034451700 mAh103445
LP1035451700 mAh103545
LP1030471750 mAh103047
LP1040381750 mAh104038
LP1026701800 mAh102670
LP1027581800 mAh102758
LP1030581800 mAh103058
LP1032481800 mAh103248
LP1034501800 mAh103450
LP1036481800 mAh103648
LP1038451800 mAh103845
LP1034481900 mAh103448
LP1040401900 mAh104040
LP1020591950 mAh102059
LP1029591950 mAh102959
LP1026642000 mAh102664
LP1027782000 mAh102778
LP1034602000 mAh103460
LP1036502000 mAh103650
LP1039432000 mAh103943
LP1040442000 mAh104044
LP1041542000 mAh104154
LP1043432000 mAh104343
LP1027652050 mAh102765
LP1040452150 mAh104045
LP1025752200 mAh102575
LP1040462200 mAh104046
LP1042502200 mAh104250
LP1044432300 mAh104443
LP1044472300 mAh104447
LP1033602400 mAh103360
LP1040502400 mAh104050
LP1045452400 mAh104545
LP1036542420 mAh103655
LP1044532450 mAh104453
LP1030682500 mAh103068
LP1044502500 mAh104450
LP1037592600 mAh103759
LP1040492600 mAh104049
LP1040572750 mAh104057
LP1036652800 mAh103665
LP1042582800 mAh104258
LP1035652900 mAh103565
LP1040582900 mAh104058
LP1047502900 mAh104750
LP1038603000 mAh103860
LP1039653000 mAh103965
LP1040553000 mAh104055
LP1040653000 mAh104065
LP1040713000 mAh104071
LP1041493000 mAh104149
LP1043653000 mAh104365
LP1046553000 mAh104655
LP1050483000 mAh105048
LP1050503000 mAh105050
LP1042653100 mAh104265
LP1041673300 mAh104167
LP1050563300 mAh105056
LP1038743500 mAh103874
LP1045673500 mAh104567
LP1048603500 mAh104860
LP1050613600 mAh105061
LP1045583900 mAh104558
LP1042734000 mAh104273
LP1045694000 mAh104569
LP1046674000 mAh104667
LP1046684000 mAh104668
LP1046704000 mAh104670
LP1050654000 mAh105065
LP1051664000 mAh105166
LP1052694000 mAh105269
LP1054654000 mAh105465
LP1062484000 mAh106248
LP1063604200 mAh106360
LP1060654400 mAh106065
LP1060804500 mAh106080
LP10331154800 mAh1033115
LP1052744800 mAh105274
LP1059534800 mAh105953
LP1044795000 mAh104479
LP1050785000 mAh105078
LP1050805000 mAh105080
LP1053745000 mAh105374
LP1055755000 mAh105575
LP1060905000 mAh106090
LP1061685000 mAh106168
LP1057815500 mAh105781
LP1058675600 mAh105867
LP1059745800 mAh105974
LP1046966000 mAh104696
LP1049926000 mAh104992
LP1060786000 mAh106078
LP1054896200 mAh105489
LP1066747000 mAh106674
LP10501007500 mAh1050100
LP10501207500 mAh1050120
LP1080757500 mAh108075
LP10631139000 mAh1063113
LP10651139000 mAh1065113
LP10631209500 mAh1063120
LP106612110000 mAh1066121
LP1025501400 mAh102550