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Curved Polymer Battery is critical developed battery for us, designed for wearable prototype. Curved polymer battery can make the most of internal space but also keep high volumn capacity, extend cycle life, good durability and reliability. It makes wearable device looks more lightweight, portable, and comfortable.

Just Like Prismatic polymer battery, we prefer to manufacture some popular curved polymer battery samples for prototyping and evaluation. It can delivery in 5-7days, and help you lock the Mechanical Design in shorter time. What’s more, PCM (protective board), NTC (Thermistor) and connectors(Molex, Jst, Horse) are optional ,only included when requested.

We also provide custom special shape polymer battery for your mechanical deisgn.


1. Curved compact shape

2. High operating voltage (3.7V average, 4.2 volts peak)

3. High density energy but lightweigh

4. Safe with Japan IC+Mos, overdischarge/ overcharge detection

5. Durability and reliability, keep 75%~80%capacity after 500 life cycles

6. Extended polymer battery life, lower self-discharge(only 3%-5% per month)

7. Custom dimensions, capacity for your special wearable design.

Differenr shape of bending to optimiz internal space of wearable prototype.
Please contact us about the dimensions of curved polymer cell you need. We will help you find suitable and in-stock curved polymer cell to fit your mechanical deisgn.

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