Custom Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V

Compact Shape & Density Capacity & Safe with Japan IC+ MOS
LiPol Team have been working to develop and design higher quality Li-Polymer batteries, which shown in Compact Battery Shape, Reasonable Tolerance(including Swell Space), Higher Energy Density and Longer Cycles Rechargeable Battery Life.

We combins mature market experience and advanced battery enginee technology for servicing focus on fields of electronic product technology development AS FOLLOWING:

Select Best 3.7V Li-Polymer Batteries For Evaluate

We stocking more than 1000pcs li-polymer batteries that can be designed in your developing product.

Li-Polymer Batteries Packs in series 2S, 3S / in paraller 2P, 3P LiPoly-Battery-Packs
Li-Polymer Batteries Packs List

High Rate Discharge Li-Polymer Batteries:  2C-45C

High Rate Discharge 2C- 45C Li-Polymer Batteries List

Curved Li-Polymer Battery Cells

Curved Li-Polymer Batteries Cell List

Round Li-Polymer Battery Cells


Other Special Shape Li-Polymer Batteries


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