Custom Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V

Compact Shape & Density Capacity & Safe with Japan IC+ MOS. With our custom li-polymer battery solution, we can help you from the design stage to mass production.

LiPol Team has been working to develop and design higher quality Li-Polymer batteries, which shown in Compact Battery Shape, Reasonable Tolerance(including Swell Space), Higher Energy Density and Longer Cycles Rechargeable Battery Life.

We combine mature market experience and advanced li-polymer battery engineering technology for servicing focus on fields of electronic product technology development AS FOLLOWING:

Select Best 3.7V Li-Polymer Batteries For Evaluate

We stocking more than 1000pcs li-polymer batteries that can be designed in your developing product.
Li-Polymer Batteries Packs in series 2S, 3S / in paraller 2P, 3P LiPoly-Battery-Packs
Li-Polymer Batteries Packs List
High Rate Discharge Li-Polymer Batteries:  2C-45C Custom 3.7V Li Polymer Battery

High Rate Discharge 2C- 45C Li-Polymer Batteries List

Curved Li-Polymer Battery Cells

Custom 3.7V Li Polymer Battery

Curved Li-Polymer Batteries Cell List

Round Li-Polymer Battery Cells

Round Li-Polymer Battery List

Other Special Shape Li-Polymer Batteries


Custom LiPo Batteries for Popular Products

We provide fast custom lipo batteries for your new design electronic products. Engineer samples are available before mass production.