Elevating Construction Testing: LiPoly Battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh in Fully Automated Pull-Off Testers

In the construction and materials science industries, ensuring the quality and adherence to standards of various building materials and adhesives is paramount. Fully automated pull-off testers, critical for assessing the adhesion strength of coatings and other bonded materials, have significantly evolved in their capabilities, primarily due to advancements in battery technology. The LiPoly Battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh is pivotal in these devices, providing the power needed to perform consistent and reliable tests. This article explores the application of this LiPoly battery in fully automated pull-off testers and the benefits it brings to the field.

Overview of LiPoly Battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh

The LP353571 LiPoly battery features a capacity of 1000mAh, offering a robust energy supply in a compact form. With a voltage of 3.7V, it is ideally suited for powering intricate electronic devices that require a balance of size, weight, and power. The battery’s slim profile and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for portable testing equipment frequently used on-site and in laboratory settings.


Battery TypeLiPoly Battery
Part NumberLP353571
Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 1000mAh
WiresAWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs
Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V
Thermistor (NTC)NO
Dimension34 x 34 x 8,0mm
Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C

Key Benefits in Fully Automated Pull-Off Testers

Enhanced Portability: The compact size and light weight of the LiPoly battery allow for the design of more portable pull-off testers. Technicians can easily transport these devices to various testing sites without the burden of heavy equipment, facilitating on-the-spot assessments with minimal setup time.

Reliable Power Supply: With a 1000mAh capacity, the LP353571 ensures that pull-off testers can operate for extended periods without frequent recharging. This is crucial for conducting multiple tests in succession, particularly on large-scale projects or in situations where power sources are not readily available.

Consistent Performance: LiPoly batteries provide stable and consistent voltage, essential for the accuracy and reliability of pull-off tests. Consistent power delivery ensures that the testers can control the pull-off speed and pressure, leading to more accurate measurements and reliable data.

Durability in Field Conditions: Designed to withstand the rigors of field use, this LiPoly battery features built-in protection against overcharging, deep discharging, and short circuits. These safety features not only extend the battery’s life but also ensure the device’s safety under various environmental conditions.

Applications in Material Testing

Fully automated pull-off testers equipped with the LP353571 LiPoly battery are used extensively in the following:

  • Construction Quality Control: Assessing the adhesion strength of paints, coatings, and sealants applied on buildings and other structures.
  • Research and Development: Enabling researchers to test new materials and adhesives under controlled, repeatable conditions, supporting innovation in materials science.
  • Manufacturing Process Control: Ensuring that products meet quality standards before they are shipped to consumers or used in construction projects.

Similar LiPoly Battery

Integrating the LiPoly Battery LP353571 3.7V 1000mAh into fully automated pull-off testers represents a significant advancement in construction and materials testing technology. Its compact size, high energy density, and reliability support developing portable, efficient, and accurate testing equipment. As the demand for higher standards and more rigorous testing protocols in construction materials increases, the role of advanced battery solutions like the LP353571 will continue to grow, driving innovations that ensure safety and quality in the built environment.

LP1020501000 mAh502010
LP1022431000 mAh432210
LP1023421000 mAh422310
LP1024361000 mAh362410
LP1030351000 mAh353010
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LP1128311000 mAh312811
LP1130301000 mAh303011
LP1130331000 mAh333011
LP1227301000 mAh302712
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LP4050501000 mAh50504
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LP1030481500 mAh483010
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LP1032431500 mAh433210
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LP1134381500 mAh383411
LP1224471500 mAh472412
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LP2959681500 mAh68592.9
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LP3439961500 mAh96393.4
LP3548801500 mAh80483.5
LP3555721500 mAh72553.5
LP3632901500 mAh90323.6
LP3750851500 mAh85503.7
LP38301201500 mAh120303.8
LP3844731500 mAh73443.8
LP3850681500 mAh68503.8
LP39251491500 mAh149253.9
LP3968521500 mAh52683.9
LP4040851500 mAh85404
LP4044641500 mAh64444
LP4156561500 mAh56564.1
LP4238781500 mAh78384.2
LP4242771500 mAh77424.2
LP4332821500 mAh82324.3
LP4354671500 mAh67544.3
LP4451561500 mAh56514.4
LP4547701500 mAh70474.5
LP4549731500 mAh73494.5
LP4550551500 mAh55504.5
LP4553491500 mAh49534.5
LP4648541500 mAh54484.6
LP4737651500 mAh65374.7
LP4840671500 mAh67404.8
LP4842611500 mAh61424.8
LP4842651500 mAh65424.8
LP5032801500 mAh80325
LP5036701500 mAh70365
LP5039661500 mAh66395
LP5045571500 mAh57455
LP5046581500 mAh58465
LP5150501500 mAh50505.1
LP5250511500 mAh51505.2
LP5332741500 mAh74325.3
LP5542561500 mAh56425.5
LP5551451500 mAh45515.5
LP5830831500 mAh83305.8
LP5838591500 mAh59385.8
LP6038561500 mAh56386
LP6047551500 mAh55476
LP6050501500 mAh50506
LP6136591500 mAh59366.1
LP6150481500 mAh48506.1
LP6237581500 mAh58376.2
LP6237591500 mAh59376.2
LP6252401500 mAh40526.2
LP6525801500 mAh80256.5
LP6531651500 mAh65316.5
LP6535651500 mAh65356.5
LP6535691500 mAh69356.5
LP6540501500 mAh50406.5
LP6544461500 mAh46446.5
LP6635611500 mAh61356.6
LP7139501500 mAh50397.1
LP7225731500 mAh73257.2
LP7230601500 mAh60307.2
LP7534501500 mAh50347.5
LP7536541500 mAh54367.5
LP7539431500 mAh43397.5
LP7734491500 mAh49347.7
LP7819831500 mAh83197.8
LP7836501500 mAh50367.8
LP8023701500 mAh70238
LP8024681500 mAh68248
LP8030621500 mAh62308
LP8034481500 mAh48348
LP8034501500 mAh50348
LP8035401500 mAh40358
LP8036521500 mAh52368
LP8039441500 mAh44398
LP8422641500 mAh64228.4
LP8535451500 mAh45358.5
LP8630501500 mAh50308.6
LP8734461500 mAh46348.7
LP9020801500 mAh80209
LP9022651500 mAh65229
LP9025541500 mAh54259
LP9034481500 mAh48349
LP9520701500 mAh70209.5
LP9534501500 mAh50349.5
LP9540451500 mAh45409.5
LP9726531500 mAh53269.7
LP9730481500 mAh48309.7
LP6535601520 mAh60356.5
LP1126491550 mAh492611
LP3633911550 mAh91333.6
LP5535661550 mAh66355.5
LP5546541550 mAh54465.5
LP5551521550 mAh52515.5
LP3533901560 mAh90333.5
LP3633901560 mAh90333.6
LP1037401580 mAh403710
LP1025561600 mAh562510
LP1036401600 mAh403610
LP1130431600 mAh433011
LP1135351600 mAh353511
LP1235481600 mAh483512
LP2557941600 mAh94572.5
LP2863801600 mAh80632.8
LP3158671600 mAh67583.1
LP3257741600 mAh74573.2
LP33381101600 mAh110383.3
LP3363951600 mAh95633.3
LP3461751600 mAh75613.4
LP3557711600 mAh71573.5
LP3565951600 mAh95653.5
LP3850851600 mAh85503.8
LP3854651600 mAh65543.8
LP4034991600 mAh99344
LP4435881600 mAh88354.4
LP4538781600 mAh78384.5
LP4648611600 mAh61484.6
LP5034691600 mAh69345
LP5040801600 mAh80405
LP5046631600 mAh63465
LP5228901600 mAh90285.2
LP5232861600 mAh86325.2
LP5350561600 mAh56505.3
LP5540601600 mAh60405.5
LP5542521600 mAh52425.5
LP5545511600 mAh51455.5
LP5550501600 mAh50505.5
LP6026901600 mAh90266
LP6526801600 mAh80266.5
LP6538571600 mAh57386.5
LP6542521600 mAh52426.5
LP6640501600 mAh50406.6
LP6830721600 mAh72306.8
LP6839501600 mAh50396.8
LP7025751600 mAh75257
LP7040501600 mAh50407
LP7530581600 mAh58307.5
LP7640481600 mAh48407.6
LP7840481600 mAh48407.8
LP7934501600 mAh50347.9
LP80171201600 mAh120178
LP8020851600 mAh85208
LP8527681600 mAh68278.5
LP9018901600 mAh90189
LP9233521600 mAh52339.2
LP9436401600 mAh40369.4
LP4050701620 mAh70504
LP1024681650 mAh682410
LP3263721650 mAh72633.2
LP3339951650 mAh95393.3
LP4248701650 mAh70484.2
LP6040571650 mAh57406
LP6040601650 mAh60406
LP6132671650 mAh67326.1
LP6249481650 mAh48496.2
LP7030651650 mAh65307
LP7830601650 mAh60307.8
LP8032551650 mAh55328
LP9030501650 mAh50309
LP1024651700 mAh652410
LP1025601700 mAh602510
LP1034451700 mAh453410
LP1035451700 mAh453510
LP1227501700 mAh502712
LP23581081700 mAh108582.3
LP3059711700 mAh71593
LP3162681700 mAh68623.1
LP32441031700 mAh103443.2
LP3260771700 mAh77603.2
LP3338911700 mAh91383.3
LP3556681700 mAh68563.5
LP3556701700 mAh70563.5
LP3558701700 mAh70583.5
LP3641971700 mAh97413.6
LP3760641700 mAh64603.7
LP3870551700 mAh55703.8
LP3873851700 mAh85733.8
LP3954711700 mAh71543.9
LP4150711700 mAh71504.1
LP4150721700 mAh72504.1
LP4347671700 mAh67474.3
LP4351661700 mAh66514.3
LP4450671700 mAh67504.4
LP4457571700 mAh57574.4
LP4535761700 mAh76354.5
LP4546721700 mAh72464.5
LP4641791700 mAh79414.6
LP5035661700 mAh66355
LP5042701700 mAh70425
LP5042721700 mAh72425
LP5050641700 mAh64505
LP5050701700 mAh70505
LP5156551700 mAh55565.1
LP5335721700 mAh72355.3
LP5350581700 mAh58505.3
LP54251101700 mAh110255.4
LP5629731700 mAh73295.6
LP6036681700 mAh68366
LP6341551700 mAh55416.3
LP6526861700 mAh86266.5
LP6535561700 mAh56356.5
LP6535661700 mAh66356.5
LP6543511700 mAh51436.5
LP6837601700 mAh60376.8
LP7537581700 mAh58377.5
LP7544451700 mAh45447.5
LP7834721700 mAh72347.8
LP8030601700 mAh60308
LP8040451700 mAh45408
LP8040461700 mAh46408
LP8240451700 mAh45408.2
LP8534501700 mAh50348.5
LP8535551700 mAh55358.5
LP9026671700 mAh67269
LP9529551700 mAh55299.5
LP6535581730 mAh58356.5
LP1030471750 mAh473010
LP1040381750 mAh384010
LP2962691750 mAh69622.9
LP3062711750 mAh71623
LP4038961750 mAh96384
LP4541861750 mAh86414.5
LP4636771750 mAh77364.6
LP4755571750 mAh57554.7
LP5050591750 mAh59505
LP6840581750 mAh58406.8
LP6940601750 mAh60406.9
LP6940691750 mAh69406.9
LP7242401750 mAh40427.2
LP7247441750 mAh44477.2
LP7524931750 mAh93247.5
LP7742541750 mAh54427.7
LP1026701800 mAh702610
LP1027581800 mAh582710
LP1030581800 mAh583010
LP1032481800 mAh483210
LP1034501800 mAh503410
LP1036481800 mAh483610
LP1038451800 mAh453810
LP1122541800 mAh542211
LP1125561800 mAh562511
LP1125601800 mAh602511
LP1132481800 mAh483211
LP1230461800 mAh463012
LP1230471800 mAh473012
LP1234461800 mAh463412
LP24631041800 mAh104632.4
LP3239961800 mAh96393.2
LP34391141800 mAh114393.4
LP3550881800 mAh88503.5
LP3648801800 mAh80483.6
LP3652751800 mAh75523.6
LP3849841800 mAh84493.8
LP3851851800 mAh85513.8
LP3858681800 mAh68583.8
LP3858711800 mAh71583.8
LP3953651800 mAh65533.9
LP4046801800 mAh80464
LP4050901800 mAh90504
LP4262701800 mAh70624.2
LP4268881800 mAh88684.2
LP4356641800 mAh64564.3
LP4556611800 mAh61564.5
LP4855571800 mAh57554.8
LP5049681800 mAh68495
LP5050721800 mAh72505
LP5054561800 mAh56545
LP5237741800 mAh74375.2
LP5248581800 mAh58485.2
LP5250581800 mAh58505.2
LP5535801800 mAh80355.5
LP5541681800 mAh68415.5
LP5541691800 mAh69415.5
LP5543651800 mAh65435.5
LP5742571800 mAh57425.7
LP5842501800 mAh50425.8
LP5947571800 mAh57475.9
LP6034931800 mAh93346
LP6034981800 mAh98346
LP6039621800 mAh62396
LP6039661800 mAh66396
LP6047571800 mAh57476
LP6054471800 mAh47546
LP6060661800 mAh66606
LP6234971800 mAh97346.2
LP6246501800 mAh50466.2
LP6335671800 mAh67356.3
LP6538551800 mAh55386.5
LP6642611800 mAh61426.6
LP6740581800 mAh58406.7
LP6740601800 mAh60406.7
LP6930741800 mAh74306.9
LP6940551800 mAh55406.9
LP7037591800 mAh59377
LP7038601800 mAh60387
LP7044501800 mAh50447
LP7344501800 mAh50447.3
LP7524901800 mAh90247.5
LP7542641800 mAh64427.5
LP7544461800 mAh46447.5
LP7554381800 mAh38547.5
LP7824931800 mAh93247.8
LP8023801800 mAh80238
LP8023821800 mAh82238
LP8029641800 mAh64298
LP8031601800 mAh60318
LP8034551800 mAh55348
LP8040501800 mAh50408
LP8042471800 mAh47428
LP8044501800 mAh50448
LP8334601800 mAh60348.3
LP8444431800 mAh43448.4
LP85171081800 mAh108178.5
LP8532601800 mAh60328.5
LP8537581800 mAh58378.5
LP8537591800 mAh59378.5
LP8540481800 mAh48408.5
LP9034501800 mAh50349
LP9537471800 mAh47379.5
LP9537481800 mAh48379.5
LP9538421800 mAh42389.5
LP9729551800 mAh55299.7
LP9737431800 mAh43379.7
LP9766871800 mAh87669.7
LP9834501800 mAh50349.8
LP9934501800 mAh50349.9
LP3338951810 mAh95383.3
LP3339961810 mAh96393.3
LP3439931820 mAh93393.4
LP3950811820 mAh81503.9
LP28641131850 mAh113642.8
LP28651131850 mAh113652.8
LP3461661850 mAh66613.4
LP3648941850 mAh94483.6
LP3654811850 mAh81543.6
LP4254751850 mAh75544.2
LP4534851850 mAh85344.5
LP5032901850 mAh90325
LP5045611850 mAh61455
LP6342561850 mAh56426.3
LP7536561850 mAh56367.5
LP9132461850 mAh46329.1
LP9231451850 mAh45319.2
LP6551521880 mAh52516.5
LP1034481900 mAh483410
LP1040401900 mAh404010
LP1130501900 mAh503011
LP1138401900 mAh403811
LP1236401900 mAh403612
LP20661251900 mAh125662
LP3158851900 mAh85583.1
LP3158901900 mAh90583.1
LP3255921900 mAh92553.2
LP3450981900 mAh98503.4
LP3468691900 mAh69683.4
LP35421081900 mAh108423.5
LP3558781900 mAh78583.5
LP3564841900 mAh84643.5
LP3568741900 mAh74683.5
LP3656671900 mAh67563.6
LP3661731900 mAh73613.6
LP3855651900 mAh65553.8
LP3961691900 mAh69613.9
LP4061651900 mAh65614
LP4553681900 mAh68534.5
LP4557641900 mAh64574.5
LP4741861900 mAh86414.7
LP4853541900 mAh54534.8
LP4940741900 mAh74404.9
LP4951661900 mAh66514.9
LP5050601900 mAh60505
LP5347641900 mAh64475.3
LP5447641900 mAh64475.4
LP5534821900 mAh82345.5
LP5548601900 mAh60485.5
LP56311071900 mAh107315.6
LP5742541900 mAh54425.7
LP5845581900 mAh58455.8
LP5848581900 mAh58485.8
LP6049491900 mAh49496
LP6239651900 mAh65396.2
LP6240681900 mAh68406.2
LP6536691900 mAh69366.5
LP6542581900 mAh58426.5
LP7035671900 mAh67357
LP7037501900 mAh50377
LP7039541900 mAh54397
LP7545471900 mAh47457.5
LP7545481900 mAh48457.5
LP7547441900 mAh44477.5
LP8031621900 mAh62318
LP8231651900 mAh65318.2
LP8231681900 mAh68318.2
LP8521941900 mAh94218.5
LP9040421900 mAh42409
LP9234481900 mAh48349.2
LP1020591950 mAh592010
LP1029591950 mAh592910
LP28631011950 mAh101632.8
LP4050851950 mAh85504
LP5250701950 mAh70505.2
LP5344681950 mAh68445.3
LP6743601950 mAh60436.7
LP6838571950 mAh57386.8
LP6840631950 mAh63406.8
LP7039601950 mAh60397
LP7045451950 mAh45457
LP7336671950 mAh67367.3
LP7345421950 mAh42457.3
LP7760341950 mAh34607.7
LP3539931960 mAh93393.5
LP3639931960 mAh93393.6
LP3541961970 mAh96413.5
LP5442681980 mAh68425.4
LP8325771980 mAh77258.3