Round Polymer Battery 3.7V

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Develop Best Round Polymer Battery Cells For Smart Watch Prototypes – LIPOL

Our newly developed round battery series perfectly fits the mechanical design of smart watch. Roud Polymer Battery have more free choose for your designed prototype, they have diffenrent capacity with different size, voltage. But also keep high polymer battery performance:

1. Compact Roud Shape with higher density energry 
2. Higher working voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V
3. Easy assmble PCM, NTC, Connectors when request
4. Huge selection with affforadble price
5. Longer battery life and low self discharge

Round Polymer Battery Cells Models

Battery Type
Round Polymer Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 135mAh
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Model (Round Shape)Voltage*CapacityThickness*Diameter*Length
LPR2530273.7V/ 135mAh2.5*30*27(mm)
LPR3030273.7V/ 170mAh3.0*30*27(mm)
LPR3530273.7V/ 210mAh3.5*30*27(mm)
LPR3630273.8V/ 225mAh3.6*30*27(mm)
LPR4030273.7V/ 250mAh4.0*30*27(mm)
LPR4530273.7V/ 285mAh4.5*30*27(mm)
LPR4730273.8V/ 330mAh4.7*30*27(mm)
Battery Type
Round Polymer Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 220mAh
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Model(Round Shape)Voltage*CapacityThickness*Diameter*Length
LPR2535353.7V/ 220mAh2.5*35*35(mm)
LPR3035353.7V/ 275mAh3.0*35*35(mm)
LPR3135353.8V/ 300mAh3.1*35*35(mm)
LPR3335353.7V/ 300mAh3.3*35*35(mm)
LPR3535353.7V/ 330mAh3.5*35*35(mm)
LPR4035353.7V/ 390mAh4.0*35*35(mm)
LPR4535353.7V/ 450mAh4.5*35*35(mm)
LPR4535353.8V/ 490mAh4.5*35*35(mm)
LPR5535353.7V/ 580mAh5.5*35*35(mm)
LPR5535353.8V/ 600mAh5.5*35*35(mm)
LPR7035353.7V/ 725mAh7.0*35*35(mm)
LPR7035353.8V/ 785mAh7.0*35*35(mm)