Enhancing Neurological Monitoring: LiPoly Battery LP803434 3.7V 880mAh Powers Technical Data Screen

In the rapidly evolving field of neurological diagnostics, the Technical Data Screen is setting new standards for EEG and sleep study technologies. This device, a compact and portable long-term EEG system with 58 channels, relies heavily on the LiPoly Battery LP803434 3.7V 880mAh for continuous and reliable monitoring. This article highlights the critical role of this LiPoly battery in enabling advanced neurological assessments through daily, long-term EEG, polygraphy, and polysomnography over extended periods of up to 32 hours.

Overview of LiPoly Battery LP803434 3.7V 880mAh

The LP803434 is a LiPoly battery with a significant 880mAh capacity, providing a stable and enduring power supply for high-demand medical devices. At a voltage of 3.7V, it is ideally suited for powering sophisticated systems that require both portability and long-lasting energy efficiency, such as the Technical Data Screen.

Battery TypeLiPoly Battery
Part NumberLP803434
Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 880mAh
WiresAWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs
Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V
Thermistor (NTC)NO
Dimension34 x 34 x 8,0mm
Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C
Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C

Key Benefits for the Technical Data Screen

Extended Operational Time: The 880mAh capacity allows the Technical Data Screen to continuously record and monitor EEG and other physiological parameters for up to 32 hours on a single charge. This capability is crucial for conducting comprehensive sleep studies and long-term EEG assessments that require extended data collection periods.

Reliable and Consistent Performance: Stability in power delivery is critical in medical monitoring to ensure the accuracy and reliability of recorded data. The LP803434 lipoly battery provides consistent voltage and current, essential for maintaining the integrity of the EEG signals and other physiological data captured by the Technical Data Screen.

Portable and Flexible Use: Thanks to the LP803434 lipoly battery’s compact size and lightweight nature, the Technical Data Screen remains highly portable. This mobility allows it to be used in various settings, including hospitals, sleep centers, and even home-based care, making it accessible to many patients.

Cost-Effective Solution: By incorporating a built-in rechargeable LiPoly battery, the Technical Data Screen reduces the need for frequent replacements and disposables, offering a cost-effective solution for long-term neurological monitoring. This sustainability aspect is particularly beneficial for medical facilities optimizing operational costs.

Enhancing Neurological Diagnostics

The integration of the LP803434 lipoly battery into the Technical Data Screen enables several critical applications:

  • Long-Term EEG Monitoring: Vital for diagnosing and managing epilepsy, brain disorders, and other neurological conditions where extended data capture is necessary.
  • Polysomnography: Used extensively in sleep studies, this system benefits from its long lipoly battery life and can monitor sleep stages, breathing patterns, and other vital functions throughout the night.
  • Polygraphy: Assists in the broader scope of physiological monitoring over extended periods, crucial for comprehensive patient assessments in complex neurological cases.

Similar LiPoly Battery

The LiPo Battery LP803434 3.7V 880mAh is a cornerstone in the functionality of the Technical Data Screen, enabling advanced, reliable, and extended monitoring of neurological conditions. This battery ensures the effectiveness of long-term EEG and sleep studies and enhances the portability and accessibility of high-level diagnostic tools. As the demand for detailed and prolonged neurological monitoring grows, powerful and efficient batteries like the LP803434 will continue to be pivotal in advancing medical technology.

LP101462800 mAh621410
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