Dive into the world of efficient energy with the LP902050, a LiPoly battery that exemplifies the perfect synergy of form, function, and power. This 3.7V LiPoly battery is tailored to meet the demands of modern portable devices, offering a substantial 950mAh capacity within a remarkably compact and lightweight design. It is a quintessential power solution engineered to empower various applications with reliability and longevity.
This LiPoly Battery LP902050 3.7V 950mAh 3.515Wh size is 9.0 x 20 x 50mm, with a protection circuit module and wires.

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Voltage and Capacity

The LP902050 features a nominal voltage of 3.7V, ideal for powering a broad spectrum of personal electronics, medical devices, and innovative IoT gadgets. With a capacity of 950mAh, it provides a reliable and enduring power source, ensuring that devices operate over extended periods and enhancing user convenience and functionality.

Design and Form Factor

This battery showcases a slim and flexible design, which is characteristic of LiPoly technology. The dimensions are meticulously calibrated to fit into compact spaces, making it an excellent choice for slim-profile devices where space is at a premium and every millimeter counts.

Energy Density and Efficiency

High energy density is a hallmark of the LP902050, allowing it to store more energy in less space. This feature, combined with its efficient discharge properties, ensures maximum device usage time, from daily-use consumer electronics to critical medical applications.

Safety and Reliability

Equipped with a protective circuit, the LP902050 is designed to maintain stability and safety across various operating conditions. It safeguards against overcharging, deep discharging, and short-circuiting, thereby prolonging the battery’s life and ensuring consistent performance.

Customization and Compatibility

Tailored to meet the specific needs of various devices, the LP902050 can be customized in terms of connector types, wiring harnesses, and protective casing, ensuring seamless integration into the final product design.


The versatile nature of the LP902050 950mAh battery makes it widely applicable across diverse sectors. It’s particularly suited for portable electronics (like GPS devices, smart watches, and handheld gaming consoles), medical technology (such as portable monitors and diagnostic equipment), and emerging technologies in the IoT and smart device sectors.

In conclusion, the 3.7V LiPoly Battery LP902050 950mAh is a power source and a pivotal component that blends high capacity, robust performance, and versatility. It’s designed for innovators and manufacturers who demand the best portable power, offering the reliability and endurance needed to fuel today’s cutting-edge electronic devices. Whether for daily gadgets, critical medical equipment, or groundbreaking intelligent technologies, the LP902050 stands as a cornerstone of portable energy, driving the next generation of electronic innovation.

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