LiPoly Battery Thickness 7.0mm to 7.9mm

If you want to find a lipoly battery with thickness 7.0mm to 7.9mm and high capacity. You get the one in this series with capacity from 16mAh to 8000mAh. Checking now!

We are a high-reliability lipoly battery manufacturer in China. We support one to one service for your requests. Customized Prototype is possible within one week of delivery to the globe. Huge Selection of LiPoly Battery for wearable or medical prototype. Get fast samples for testing now!

– Best LiPoly Batteries 3.7V
– Massive Range of Current LiPoly Batteries
– Half Manufacturing Cost
– Cost-Effective for your application
– Custom Service Available
– OEM & ODM Service
– Ultra-Low-Cost LiPoly battery
– Accurate Size & Safe, Stable

Ask sample and datasheet for evaluation & prototypes now!

The lead time of LiPoly Battery

The lead time is one week when the lipoly battery is in stock, and the PCM (Protection Circuit Module) is standard without custom request. The lead time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new lipoly batteries.

Shipment for LiPoly Battery

Usually, we ship the lipoly batteries via expresses, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS Door to Door. The shipping time is 4-5 days. We also provide the shipment by air or by sea when the order quantity is large.

* DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) trade term is available for us. We arrange the lipoly battery shipment from China to your door. We help you to finish the import duty and customs clearance. The shipping time is appr 15 days. Please tell me your beautiful country when you want, we can provide DDP for most countries but a few ones.

Payment for LiPoly Battery

Bank transfer is the primary payment. We also accept PayPal payment for samples and small orders. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create a new one quickly and connect to your debit or credit card.

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LiPoly Battery Thickness 7.0-7.9mm

Voltage 3.7V - Unit Millimetre (mm)
LP70111570 mAh71115
LP70131795 mAh71317
LP701717110 mAh71717
LP701220115 mAh71220
LP701023120 mAh71023
LP701120120 mAh71120
LP701024130 mAh71024
LP701222130 mAh71222
LP701421140 mAh71421
LP701224145 mAh71224
LP701025150 mAh71025
LP701028150 mAh71028
LP701128150 mAh71128
LP701323150 mAh71323
LP701125160 mAh71125
LP701225160 mAh71225
LP701420160 mAh71420
LP701522160 mAh71522
LP701218180 mAh71218
LP701820180 mAh71820
LP701327200 mAh71327
LP701425200 mAh71425
LP702019200 mAh72019
LP702120200 mAh72120
LP701525210 mAh71525
LP701430220 mAh71430
LP701626220 mAh71626
LP701725230 mAh71725
LP702020230 mAh72020
LP701235240 mAh71235
LP701723250 mAh71723
LP701530270 mAh71530
LP701240280 mAh71240
LP701335280 mAh71335
LP701728280 mAh71728
LP701248300 mAh71248
LP701434300 mAh71434
LP702025300 mAh72025
LP702026300 mAh72026
LP702276300 mAh72276
LP701438320 mAh71438
LP701439320 mAh71439
LP701435330 mAh71435
LP701535350 mAh71535
LP702028350 mAh72028
LP701250360 mAh71250
LP701635360 mAh71635
LP701537370 mAh71537
LP701833380 mAh71833
LP702030380 mAh72030
LP702727380 mAh72727
LP701345400 mAh71345
LP701735400 mAh71735
LP702035400 mAh72035
LP702226400 mAh72226
LP702529400 mAh72529
LP701640420 mAh71640
LP701836420 mAh71836
LP702626420 mAh72626
LP702526450 mAh72526
LP701740460 mAh71740
LP701747500 mAh71747
LP702038500 mAh72038
LP702039500 mAh72039
LP702332500 mAh72332
LP702334500 mAh72334
LP702383500 mAh72383
LP702530500 mAh72530
LP701648520 mAh71648
LP702533520 mAh72533
LP702335550 mAh72335
LP702338550 mAh72338
LP702040600 mAh72040
LP702337600 mAh72337
LP702438600 mAh72438
LP702540600 mAh72540
LP702240630 mAh72240
LP702045650 mAh72045
LP702535650 mAh72535
LP703446650 mAh73446
LP702046660 mAh72046
LP702236680 mAh72236
LP702248700 mAh72248
LP702930700 mAh72930
LP702259720 mAh72259
LP702542750 mAh72542
LP702744750 mAh72744
LP702837750 mAh72837
LP703036750 mAh73036
LP703235750 mAh73235
LP701865800 mAh71865
LP702058800 mAh72058
LP702250800 mAh72250
LP702440800 mAh72440
LP702549800 mAh72549
LP702050840 mAh72050
LP701488850 mAh71488
LP702060850 mAh72060
LP701970900 mAh71970
LP702548900 mAh72548
LP703035900 mAh73035
LP7021651000 mAh72165
LP7022721000 mAh72272
LP7028601000 mAh72860
LP7030401000 mAh73040
LP7032401000 mAh73240
LP7034401000 mAh73440
LP7037461000 mAh73746
LP7034431050 mAh73443
LP7025541100 mAh72554
LP7032431100 mAh73243
LP7035621100 mAh73562
LP7037401100 mAh73740
LP7020791150 mAh72079
LP7038411150 mAh73841
LP7030481200 mAh73048
LP7030511200 mAh73051
LP7039381200 mAh73938
LP7040401200 mAh74040
LP7040441200 mAh74044
LP7020801250 mAh72080
LP7034481250 mAh73448
LP7021761300 mAh72176
LP7022741300 mAh72274
LP7025601300 mAh72560
LP7035451300 mAh73545
LP7034501400 mAh73450
LP7042451400 mAh74245
LP7042421450 mAh74242
LP7025751600 mAh72575
LP7040501600 mAh74050
LP7030651650 mAh73065
LP7037591800 mAh73759
LP7038601800 mAh73860
LP7044501800 mAh74450
LP7035671900 mAh73567
LP7037501900 mAh73750
LP7039541900 mAh73954
LP7039601950 mAh73960
LP7045451950 mAh74545
LP7040552000 mAh74055
LP7040602000 mAh74060
LP7042612000 mAh74261
LP7042702000 mAh74270
LP7060402000 mAh76040
LP7036652100 mAh73665
LP7042602100 mAh74260
LP70331002200 mAh733100
LP7037672200 mAh73767
LP7050532200 mAh75053
LP7050592200 mAh75059
LP7043612300 mAh74361
LP7043652300 mAh74365
LP7047622300 mAh74762
LP7058482300 mAh75848
LP7044602400 mAh74460
LP7045662400 mAh74566
LP7048602400 mAh74860
LP7050482400 mAh75048
LP7050562400 mAh75056
LP7038762500 mAh73876
LP7040722500 mAh74072
LP7043702500 mAh74370
LP7050552500 mAh75055
LP7039762600 mAh73976
LP7050582650 mAh75058
LP7050602700 mAh75060
LP7044742800 mAh74474
LP7039822900 mAh73982
LP7050702900 mAh75070
LP70301203000 mAh730120
LP7039863000 mAh73986
LP7040953000 mAh74095
LP7050753000 mAh75075
LP7051703000 mAh75170
LP7052583000 mAh75258
LP7040843100 mAh74084
LP7055703200 mAh75570
LP7055753400 mAh75575
LP70301353500 mAh730135
LP7057703500 mAh75770
LP7055733600 mAh75573
LP7039973650 mAh73997
LP7060703700 mAh76070
LP7047703920 mAh74770
LP70351424100 mAh735142
LP70501004200 mAh750100
LP7056894200 mAh75689
LP7060804500 mAh76080
LP70681004500 mAh768100
LP7056954800 mAh75695
LP7059874900 mAh75987
LP7055905000 mAh75590
LP70591015000 mAh759101
LP7060905000 mAh76090
LP712827485 mAh7.12827
LP7139501500 mAh7.13950
LP7153652900 mAh7.15365
LP7150703000 mAh7.15070
LP71401154000 mAh7.140115
LP7156925000 mAh7.15692
LP721819170 mAh7.21819
LP722728450 mAh7.22728
LP722830550 mAh7.22830
LP722530600 mAh7.22530
LP721944630 mAh7.21944
LP722338650 mAh7.22338
LP722740900 mAh7.22740
LP7222571000 mAh7.22257
LP7230481000 mAh7.23048
LP7225701450 mAh7.22570
LP7240481450 mAh7.24048
LP7225731500 mAh7.22573
LP7230601500 mAh7.23060
LP7242401750 mAh7.24240
LP7247441750 mAh7.24744
LP7240602100 mAh7.24060
LP7242622200 mAh7.24262
LP7240532250 mAh7.24053
LP72331082300 mAh7.233108
LP7249572400 mAh7.24957
LP7240682500 mAh7.24068
LP7247582600 mAh7.24758
LP7243722700 mAh7.24372
LP7248552700 mAh7.24855
LP7248652700 mAh7.24865
LP7243732900 mAh7.24373
LP7255632900 mAh7.25563
LP7248793200 mAh7.24879
LP72351283650 mAh7.235128
LP72381214000 mAh7.238121
LP7248874000 mAh7.24887
LP7262674300 mAh7.26267
LP72481155000 mAh7.248115
LP7258885000 mAh7.25888
LP72491355700 mAh7.249135
LP72551456800 mAh7.255145
LP72651628000 mAh7.265162
LP731126145 mAh7.31126
LP732025260 mAh7.32025
LP731727350 mAh7.31727
LP731836350 mAh7.31836
LP732521420 mAh7.32521
LP731738430 mAh7.31738
LP731254450 mAh7.31254
LP732922450 mAh7.32922
LP732035480 mAh7.32035
LP731942500 mAh7.31942
LP732530500 mAh7.32530
LP732533520 mAh7.32533
LP732335550 mAh7.32335
LP732236600 mAh7.32236
LP731943610 mAh7.31943
LP732732620 mAh7.32732
LP732540700 mAh7.32540
LP732248750 mAh7.32248
LP732438780 mAh7.32438
LP7320581000 mAh7.32058
LP7334421100 mAh7.33442
LP7334501200 mAh7.33450
LP7344501800 mAh7.34450
LP7336671950 mAh7.33667
LP7345421950 mAh7.34542
LP7343482150 mAh7.34348
LP7340652200 mAh7.34065
LP7334742600 mAh7.33474
LP7337742600 mAh7.33774
LP7350602850 mAh7.35060
LP7347753000 mAh7.34775
LP73441153200 mAh7.344115
LP7352723400 mAh7.35272
LP7358803450 mAh7.35880
LP73501075000 mAh7.350107
LP73731298800 mAh7.373129
LP741434400 mAh7.41434
LP741648560 mAh7.41648
LP742240600 mAh7.42240
LP741848650 mAh7.41848
LP742837780 mAh7.42837
LP742447900 mAh7.42447
LP743040900 mAh7.43040
LP7427591000 mAh7.42759
LP7430421050 mAh7.43042
LP7430481100 mAh7.43048
LP7425601200 mAh7.42560
LP7445422000 mAh7.44542
LP7440602100 mAh7.44060
LP7441602400 mAh7.44160
LP7456704200 mAh7.45670
LP74441054400 mAh7.444105
LP74651257800 mAh7.465125
LP751220115 mAh7.51220
LP751258130 mAh7.51258
LP751418130 mAh7.51418
LP751229150 mAh7.51229
LP751520150 mAh7.51520
LP751524220 mAh7.51524
LP751525220 mAh7.51525
LP752020250 mAh7.52020
LP751530260 mAh7.51530
LP751335280 mAh7.51335
LP751340300 mAh7.51340
LP751435330 mAh7.51435
LP751830330 mAh7.51830
LP751432350 mAh7.51432
LP752624350 mAh7.52624
LP753036350 mAh7.53036
LP751635380 mAh7.51635
LP752132380 mAh7.52132
LP752030400 mAh7.52030
LP752228400 mAh7.52228
LP751641420 mAh7.51641
LP752327420 mAh7.52327
LP751645450 mAh7.51645
LP751735450 mAh7.51735
LP751738450 mAh7.51738
LP752527450 mAh7.52527
LP752528450 mAh7.52528
LP751540490 mAh7.51540
LP752035500 mAh7.52035
LP752045500 mAh7.52045
LP752138550 mAh7.52138
LP752335550 mAh7.52335
LP753028550 mAh7.53028
LP751942570 mAh7.51942
LP751940600 mAh7.51940
LP752040600 mAh7.52040
LP752931600 mAh7.52931
LP753030630 mAh7.53030
LP752050700 mAh7.52050
LP752535700 mAh7.52535
LP753035750 mAh7.53035
LP751765850 mAh7.51765
LP753042850 mAh7.53042
LP751870900 mAh7.51870
LP752735900 mAh7.52735
LP753235900 mAh7.53235
LP753040960 mAh7.53040
LP7520591000 mAh7.52059
LP7520601000 mAh7.52060
LP7533391000 mAh7.53339
LP7536361000 mAh7.53636
LP7530461050 mAh7.53046
LP7534411100 mAh7.53441
LP7534431100 mAh7.53443
LP7530481200 mAh7.53048
LP7533451200 mAh7.53345
LP7533371250 mAh7.53337
LP7535391300 mAh7.53539
LP7537401300 mAh7.53740
LP7534501500 mAh7.53450
LP7536541500 mAh7.53654
LP7539431500 mAh7.53943
LP7530581600 mAh7.53058
LP7537581700 mAh7.53758
LP7544451700 mAh7.54445
LP7524931750 mAh7.52493
LP7524901800 mAh7.52490
LP7542641800 mAh7.54264
LP7544461800 mAh7.54446
LP7554381800 mAh7.55438
LP7536561850 mAh7.53656
LP7545471900 mAh7.54547
LP7545481900 mAh7.54548
LP7547441900 mAh7.54744
LP7527892000 mAh7.52789
LP7544602000 mAh7.54460
LP7546472000 mAh7.54647
LP7536622050 mAh7.53662
LP7539622300 mAh7.53962
LP7542542400 mAh7.54254
LP7550482400 mAh7.55048
LP7550542400 mAh7.55054
LP7544612450 mAh7.54461
LP75301302500 mAh7.530130
LP7530952500 mAh7.53095
LP7540682500 mAh7.54068
LP7545752500 mAh7.54575
LP7543632600 mAh7.54363
LP7550602700 mAh7.55060
LP7557522700 mAh7.55752
LP7542712800 mAh7.54271
LP7543722850 mAh7.54372
LP7545682900 mAh7.54568
LP75361113000 mAh7.536111
LP7547763000 mAh7.54776
LP7548603000 mAh7.54860
LP7550703000 mAh7.55070
LP7554653000 mAh7.55465
LP7570543400 mAh7.57054
LP75401053500 mAh7.540105
LP7560653700 mAh7.56065
LP7562633800 mAh7.56263
LP7546984000 mAh7.54698
LP7550804000 mAh7.55080
LP7555854000 mAh7.55585
LP75461004100 mAh7.546100
LP7555954800 mAh7.55595
LP75451225000 mAh7.545122
LP75551035000 mAh7.555103
LP7565705000 mAh7.56570
LP75521135500 mAh7.552113
LP75551155700 mAh7.555115
LP75551185700 mAh7.555118
LP75481185800 mAh7.548118
LP75631137000 mAh7.563113
LP75651137000 mAh7.565113
LP75661187000 mAh7.566118
LP75661217000 mAh7.566121
LP75651257500 mAh7.565125
LP76101350 mAh7.61013
LP761229150 mAh7.61229
LP762022280 mAh7.62022
LP762323350 mAh7.62323
LP762030430 mAh7.62030
LP762526450 mAh7.62526
LP762043700 mAh7.62043
LP761561800 mAh7.61561
LP762740800 mAh7.62740
LP7630481100 mAh7.63048
LP7635381100 mAh7.63538
LP7640481600 mAh7.64048
LP7637582000 mAh7.63758
LP7648602550 mAh7.64860
LP7652723000 mAh7.65272
LP7658724000 mAh7.65872
LP7668855000 mAh7.66885
LP772030400 mAh7.72030
LP771930460 mAh7.71930
LP772435700 mAh7.72435
LP772040760 mAh7.72040
LP773030850 mAh7.73030
LP779090850 mAh7.79090
LP7734491500 mAh7.73449
LP7742541750 mAh7.74254
LP7760341950 mAh7.76034
LP7736622050 mAh7.73662
LP7747703000 mAh7.74770
LP7750753400 mAh7.75075
LP7757673600 mAh7.75767
LP7750884000 mAh7.75088
LP77671005700 mAh7.767100
LP781419180 mAh7.81419
LP781250400 mAh7.81250
LP782030400 mAh7.82030
LP782730530 mAh7.82730
LP782035550 mAh7.82035
LP783030560 mAh7.83030
LP781848650 mAh7.81848
LP782633720 mAh7.82633
LP783235850 mAh7.83235
LP782540900 mAh7.82540
LP783040900 mAh7.83040
LP783237950 mAh7.83237
LP7829521000 mAh7.82952
LP7834371100 mAh7.83437
LP7832491250 mAh7.83249
LP7834481250 mAh7.83448
LP7830481300 mAh7.83048
LP7834421300 mAh7.83442
LP7840401300 mAh7.84040
LP7834501400 mAh7.83450
LP7819831500 mAh7.81983
LP7836501500 mAh7.83650
LP7840481600 mAh7.84048
LP7830601650 mAh7.83060
LP7834721700 mAh7.83472
LP7824931800 mAh7.82493
LP7837642300 mAh7.83764
LP7839662450 mAh7.83966
LP7845622450 mAh7.84562
LP7842632600 mAh7.84263
LP7848772800 mAh7.84877
LP7840953000 mAh7.84095
LP7850663000 mAh7.85066
LP78541353600 mAh7.854135
LP7856774000 mAh7.85677
LP7857644300 mAh7.85764
LP7854884400 mAh7.85488
LP7854845000 mAh7.85484
LP78501165400 mAh7.850116
LP78551055500 mAh7.855105
LP78671207500 mAh7.867120
LP78651228000 mAh7.865122
LP78651268000 mAh7.865126
LP792024350 mAh7.92024
LP791255500 mAh7.91255
LP791750750 mAh7.91750
LP7932451000 mAh7.93245
LP7934501600 mAh7.93450
LP7942542050 mAh7.94254
LP79591056500 mAh7.959105

New Applications of LiPoly Battery