LiPoly Battery 100mAh for Fingerprint Padlock

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The fingerprint padlock is a growing travel lock, composed and developed based on the core knowledge of protecting your valuables, liberating your thoughts from bags, and giving you a fun and car-free travel. With the cutting-edge fingerprint scanner, no one can force your belongings. Built-in 500mah rechargeable lipoly battery give you along working time, 2 years standby. 85-decibel alarm, safeguard your belongings. This device with 3 feet retractable cable, you can use it in the knapsack, luggage, bike, purse …

Unlock with your different fingerprint

Working with the most excellent fingerprint sensor, it gains access within only 0.5 seconds. You don’t need to worry about losing the keys, overlooking your keywords or picking up your lock again. It provides a fantastic quick and safe experience.

Three feet retractable iron wires

The fingerprint padlock is designated by a 3 feet (1 m) long retractable wire made from a 304 stainless iron, bearing the weight of 200 pounds (90 kilograms). Rigidity and adaptability are ideal for holding your product together for secure fixtures. It can be used on different occurrences, such as safe baggage, packs, sports kits, bikes, skis, strollers…

Super long standby

The fingerprint padlock is built-in a 100mAh rechargeable lipoly battery that goes on one year after one hour of use. In addition, you can charge using a standard micro USB cable @ 50mA, and if it is found to be lower on power, it should be reasonably clear.

Anti-theft Alarm

If the lock is cut off or an unlawful person tries to open it, the built-in real-time monitor will sound an alarm at 85 dB (the loudness as city traffic inside the car). It can adequately warn burglars and protect your investments.

Flashing Indicator Light

Blue, red and green lights will shoot through the fingerprint scanner to indicate three different using conditions for your convenience. The blue light will flash in normal usage, the red light will flash when the lock sounds the alarm, and the green light will flash during lipoly battery charging.

Pressure LED Lights

The fingerprint padlock also serves as an adventure light for it blends a LED lights of the same power as the general emergency spotlight. This lock is your true travel companion.