The LP1066121 10000mAh 3.7V LiPoly Battery – Your Reliable Energy Solution

10000mAh+, Best Seller 10Ah+, long lipoly battery, rechargeable lipoly battery, thickness 10.0mm+

3.7V LiPoly Battery LP8070120 10000mAh with Protection circuit and wires 50mm

For technology enthusiasts and developers looking for a reliable, high-capacity power source, the LP8070120 10000mAh 3.7V LiPoly Battery stands out as an excellent choice. Designed to provide sustained power for a variety of applications, this battery combines robust performance with advanced safety features, making it a top pick for those needing extended battery life without constant recharges.

The LP8070120 10000mAh 3.7V LiPoly Battery is a powerhouse of energy, perfectly suited for anyone looking to enhance their device’s performance with a reliable, high-capacity battery. Its combination of power, portability, and protection makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, ensuring that your devices run longer, perform better, and remain safe during operation. Whether for personal projects or commercial applications, the LP8070120 offers the performance and reliability needed to power today’s innovative technologies.

3.7V LiPoly Battery LP8070120 10000mAH Specification

Battery TypeLiPoly Battery
Part NumberLP8070120
Size8.0 x 70 x 121mm
Protection circuit (PCM) Yes
Thermistor (NTC) No
Configuration 1S1P
WeightAbout 200g
Wat-Hou Rating37.0Wh
Charging temperature Range-0℃ to +45℃
Discharging temperature Range-20℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature Range-20℃ to +45℃

Key Features of the LP8070120 3.7V 10000mAh LiPoly Battery

High Capacity for Extended Use

Impressive Energy Storage: With a substantial 10000mAh capacity, the LP8070120 LiPoly battery is engineered to meet the demands of devices that require a lot of power to run efficiently. This makes it ideal for various applications, including portable consumer electronics, medical devices, and emerging technologies like drones and other robotics requiring a durable and long-lasting power source.

Stable 3.7V Output: This lipoly battery provides a steady 3.7V output, ensuring consistent performance across all devices. The voltage level is ideal for many portable electronics, balancing energy density and safety.

Designed for Safety and Efficiency

Protection Circuit Module (PCM): The LP8070120 includes a built-in PCM that safeguards the battery against everyday hazards such as overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. This feature is crucial for maintaining the lipoly battery’s integrity and safety, prolonging its life, and protecting the devices it powers.

Pre-Attached Wires: Equipped with 50mm wires, this battery is ready for immediate integration into your projects. The pre-attached cables make installing the battery in a device easily without additional soldering, which is particularly beneficial for rapid prototyping and DIY projects.

Versatile and Reliable

Lightweight and Compact Design: Despite its high capacity, the LP8070120 remains surprisingly compact and lightweight. This design allows it to be used in various applications without adding undue bulk or weight, preserving the ergonomic design of portable devices.

Broad Application Range: From handheld electronic devices to backup power solutions and everything in between, the LP8070120 LiPoly battery’s versatility is unmatched. Its high capacity and robust design make it suitable for rigorous applications that require a reliable power supply over extended periods.

Sustainable and User-Friendly

Low Self-Discharge Rate: LiPoly batteries are known for their low self-discharge rates, and the LP8070120 is no exception. This feature is particularly important for applications where the battery may not be used regularly but needs to remain ready for use, such as in emergency medical devices or backup power systems.

Eco-Friendly: LiPoly batteries are more environmentally friendly compared to other battery types, as they contain less harmful metals and chemicals. Choosing the LP8070120 contributes to more sustainable consumption patterns while delivering high performance.

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LiPoly Battery 3.7V 10000mAh

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Voltage 3.7V
L = Length, W = Width, T = Thickness [mm]