In the era of mobile technology and portable devices, the demand for reliable, compact, and efficient power sources is higher than ever. The 3.7V LiPoly Battery LP903030, with its 650mAh capacity, emerges as a critical player in this domain, offering an optimal balance between size, capacity, and power. This battery is not just a power source; it’s an enabler of the vast potential for a wide range of applications.
This LiPoly Battery LP903030 3.7V 650mAh 3.7Wh size is 9.0 x 30 x 30mm, with a protection circuit module and wires.

Compact Powerhouse: 3.7V 650mAh LiPoly Battery

The LP903030 stands out with its 3.7 volts of power, a standard in the industry that ensures compatibility with many portable electronics. This voltage level is ideal for maintaining a stable power supply, enabling devices to perform consistently at their peak. The 650mAh capacity provides a solid balance of size and endurance, supplying ample power for extended use while maintaining a slim profile, which is crucial for today’s sleek gadgets.

Versatile Energy Solution: Applications of the LiPoly Battery

The versatility of the LP903030 battery is one of its most significant attributes. Its applications span across various sectors, including:

  • Consumer Electronics: In devices like Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, portable gaming systems, and advanced remote controls, reliable power is crucial without adding significant weight or bulk.
  • Medical Devices: Essential for portable medical equipment such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and wearable health trackers, where consistent and reliable power is non-negotiable.
  • IoT and Smart Devices: Powers a range of IoT gadgets, from home automation sensors to innovative agriculture tools, where efficiency and long battery life are pivotal.
  • Wearable Technology: Ideal for the latest wearables, offering the necessary power to support advanced features like fitness tracking, health monitoring, and seamless connectivity.

The LP903030 LiPoly battery is particularly appreciated in these applications for its reliability, energy density, and form factor, which allow designers to create more compact, portable, and user-friendly devices.

Engineering for the Future: The LiPoly Advantage

LiPoly batteries, such as the LP903030, are renowned for their advanced chemistry, offering significant advantages over other battery types:

  • Lightweight Design: Their lightweight nature makes them perfect for portable applications where every gram counts.
  • High Energy Density: They pack a large amount of energy into a small package, enabling devices to remain powered longer without frequent recharges.
  • Flexibility in Form Factor: The pouch format of LiPoly batteries allows for versatile design integrations, fitting into modern electronic devices’ slim and irregularly shaped compartments.
  • Safety and Reliability: Built-in protective circuitry ensures the battery remains within safe operating parameters, preventing issues like overcharging, deep discharging, and short-circuiting.

Powering Innovations with 3.7V LiPoly Battery LP903030 650mAh

The 3.7V LiPoly Battery LP903030 650mAh is more than just a component; it’s a gateway to innovation in the portable electronics industry. Its compact size and substantial power output offer an ideal solution for the next generation of electronic devices. By harnessing the power of the LP903030, manufacturers and designers can continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating products that are not only more advanced but also more accessible and user-friendly. Whether it’s enhancing the user experience, extending device longevity, or powering the latest technological advancements, the LP903030 stands as a testament to the capabilities of modern battery technology, driving the future of portable power.

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LP352572600 mAh72253.5
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LP392270600 mAh70223.9
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LP403545600 mAh45354
LP403840600 mAh40384
LP412263600 mAh63224.1
LP413443600 mAh43344.1
LP433048600 mAh48304.3
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LP463440600 mAh40344.6
LP472845600 mAh45284.7
LP482553600 mAh53254.8
LP502448600 mAh48245
LP502845600 mAh45285
LP503040600 mAh40305
LP503043600 mAh43305
LP503534600 mAh34355
LP503535600 mAh35355
LP503538600 mAh38355
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LP523443600 mAh43345.2
LP532545600 mAh45255.3
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LP552447600 mAh47245.5
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LP583047600 mAh47305.8
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LP601955600 mAh55196
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LP603030600 mAh30306
LP603035600 mAh35306
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LP623030600 mAh30306.2
LP623040600 mAh40306.2
LP632540600 mAh40256.3
LP632543600 mAh43256.3
LP633035600 mAh35306.3
LP642238600 mAh38226.4
LP643030600 mAh30306.4
LP651660600 mAh60166.5
LP652050600 mAh50206.5
LP672045600 mAh45206.7
LP702040600 mAh40207
LP702337600 mAh37237
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LP751940600 mAh40197.5
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LP752931600 mAh31297.5
LP801745600 mAh45178
LP802034600 mAh34208
LP802047600 mAh47208
LP802048600 mAh48208
LP802530600 mAh30258
LP802729600 mAh29278
LP802730600 mAh30278
LP821745600 mAh45178.2
LP822035600 mAh35208.2
LP831550600 mAh50158.3
LP832530600 mAh30258.3
LP851359600 mAh59138.5
LP851841600 mAh41188.5
LP851842600 mAh42188.5
LP852035600 mAh35208.5
LP902035600 mAh35209
LP921942600 mAh42199.2
LP283168610 mAh68312.8
LP491869610 mAh69184.9
LP731943610 mAh43197.3
LP902430610 mAh30249
LP922431610 mAh31249.2
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LP601862620 mAh62186
LP652143620 mAh43216.5
LP662740620 mAh40276.6
LP672537620 mAh37256.7
LP732732620 mAh32277.3
LP852040620 mAh40208.5
LP602440630 mAh40246
LP602740630 mAh40276
LP684045630 mAh45406.8
LP702240630 mAh40227
LP721944630 mAh44197.2
LP753030630 mAh30307.5
LP901742630 mAh42179
LP901744630 mAh44179
LP102433640 mAh332410
LP583029640 mAh29305.8
LP801460640 mAh60148
LP101649650 mAh491610
LP102035650 mAh352010
LP102428650 mAh282410
LP112527650 mAh272511
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LP443440650 mAh40344.4
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LP482948650 mAh48294.8
LP501870650 mAh70185
LP503338650 mAh38335
LP522844650 mAh44285.2
LP523040650 mAh40305.2
LP553040650 mAh40305.5
LP553436650 mAh36345.5
LP582446650 mAh46245.8
LP583136650 mAh36315.8
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LP602248650 mAh48226
LP602250650 mAh50226
LP602447650 mAh47246
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LP802040680 mAh40208