Mobile Phone Battery & Car Battery


The current lithium Ion battery is used for two fields. One is electric car, the other one is 3C products. 3C products are kinds of household appliances. The most extensive needs of the lithium ion battery are mobile phone which is a massive demand for people.   

In terms of technological progress, The batteries for cars & mobile phones are similar in technology and are now mainstream lithium ion batteries. But cars are more concerned about the ratio of energy to weight. Adding a little space has little effect on electric cars, which is a difference between the lithium ion battery of the mobile phone and the cars. The weight of the lithium ion battery weight in the cars will seriously affect the endurance of electric cars, and it has a time limit. Generally, it is 5-10 years; the mobile phone is more concerned with the ratio of energy to volume because it is small. The weight is slightly heavier than acceptable, but the mobile phone is too large to be convenient to use.

The lithium ion battery of mobile phone maintained at 600Wh/L. The energy density is higher than we saw. There are so many apps in cells nowadays, with high demands for energy consumption, the energy density of lithium ion batteries for mobile phone is higher than that of cars. At the meanwhile, fast charging is also a significant point. It needs to sacrifice the cycles life to improve energy density, which means that after using 1-2 years, the battery capacity will reduce.

But the electric cars can not improve energy density by sacrificing life cycles; it needs to be considered more comprehensive, safety, temperature range, and lithium ion battery cycles life. The lithium ion battery of the electric car should avoid fire and explosion under extreme conditions. The technological of the cars grows so slow because that needs 3000 times cycles life but also needs to maintain better output power in lower temperatures and higher temperature environments.

New Applications of LiPoly Battery