LiPoly Cylindrical Battery

LiPoly Cylindrical Battery Series 


The diameter is from 5.8mm to 25mm. 

Our newly developed round battery series perfectly fits the mechanical design of smart watch. Roud Polymer Battery have more free choose for your designed prototype, they have diffenrent capacity with different size, voltage. But also keep high polymer battery performance:

1. Compact Roud Shape with higher density energry 
2. Higher working voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V
3. Easy assmble PCM, NTC, Connectors when request
4. Huge selection with affforadble price
5. Longer battery life and low self discharge


Round Polymer Battery Cells Models

Battery Type
Round Polymer Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 135mAh
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Part No.Voltage @ CapacityThickness x Diameter
LPR2530273.7V @ 135mAh2.5x30mm
LPR2535353.7V @ 220mAh2.5x35mm
LPR3028233.8V @ 140mAh4.0x35mm
LPR3030273.7V @ 170mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3030283.8V @ 185mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3035353.7V @ 275mAh3.0x35mm
LPR3135353.8V @ 300mAh3.1x35mm
LPR3335353.7V @ 300mAh3.3x35mm
LPR3337363.8V @ 385mAh3.3x37mm
LPR3530273.7V @ 210mAh3.5x30mm
LPR3533313.8V @ 295mAh3.5x33mm
LPR3535353.7V @ 330mAh3.5x35mm
LPR3630273.8V @ 225mAh3.6x30mm
LPR4030273.7V @ 250mAh4.0x30mm
LPR4035303.8V @ 360mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4035353.7V @ 390mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4337363.8V @ 530mAh4.3x37mm
LPR4435353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x35mm
LPR4437353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x37mm
LPR4530273.7V @ 285mAh4.5x30mm
LPR4535353.7V @ 450mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 475mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 490mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4635353.8V @ 480mAh4.6x35mm
LPR4730273.8V @ 330mAh4.7x30mm
LPR4737363.8V @ 580mAh4.7x37mm
LPR4835353.8V @ 530mAh4.8x35mm
LPR5030273.7V @ 300mAh5.0x30mm
LPR5335353.8V @ 560mAh5.3x35mm
LPR5435353.8V @ 610mAh5.4x35mm
LPR5535323.8V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 580mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR6035333.7V @ 630mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6035353.8V @ 650mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6045433.7V @ 1050mAh6.0x45mm
LPR6530273.8V @ 430mAh6.5x30mm
LPR6539293.8V @ 665mAh6.5x39mm
LPR7035353.7V @ 725mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7035353.8V @ 785mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7042303.7V @ 835mAh7.0x42mm
LPR7550403.7V @ 1500mAh7.5x50mm
Battery Type
Round Polymer Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 220mAh
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Model(Round Shape)Voltage*CapacityThickness*Diameter*Length
LPR2535353.7V/ 220mAh2.5*35*35(mm)
LPR3035353.7V/ 275mAh3.0*35*35(mm)
LPR3135353.8V/ 300mAh3.1*35*35(mm)
LPR3335353.7V/ 300mAh3.3*35*35(mm)
LPR3535353.7V/ 330mAh3.5*35*35(mm)
LPR4035353.7V/ 390mAh4.0*35*35(mm)
LPR4535353.7V/ 450mAh4.5*35*35(mm)
LPR4535353.8V/ 490mAh4.5*35*35(mm)
LPR5535353.7V/ 580mAh5.5*35*35(mm)
LPR5535353.8V/ 600mAh5.5*35*35(mm)
LPR7035353.7V/ 725mAh7.0*35*35(mm)
LPR7035353.8V/ 785mAh7.0*35*35(mm)