LiPoly Battery Thickness 11mm

It’s a thicker lipoly battery series. The thickness of these single lipoly batteries is 11mm. They have higher capacity 300mAh to 10000mAh but the smaller width and length.   

We are high-reliability lipoly battery manufacturer in China. We support one to one service for your requests. Customized Prototype is possible within one week delivery to the globe. Huge Selection of LiPoly Battery for wearable or medical prototype. Get fast samples for testing now!

– Best LiPoly Batteries 3.7V
– Massive Range of Current LiPoly Batteries
– Half Manufacturing Cost
– Cost-Effective for your application
– Custom Service Available
– OEM & ODM Service
– Ultra-Low-Cost LiPoly battery
– Accurate Size & Safe, Stable

Ask sample and datasheet for evaluate & prototypes now!

Lead time of LiPoly Battery

The lead time is one week when the lipoly battery is in stock, and the PCM (Protection Circuit Module) is standard without custom request. The lead time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new lipoly batteries.

Shipment for LiPoly Battery

Usually, we ship the lipoly batteries via expresses, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS Door to Door. The shipping time is 4-5 days. We also provide the shipment by air or by sea when the order quantity is large.

* DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) trade term is available for us. We arrange the lipoly battery shipment from China to your door. We help you to finish the import duty and customs clearance. The shipping time is appr 15 days. Please tell me your beautiful country when you want, we can provide DDP for most countries but a few ones.

Payment for LiPoly Battery

Bank transfer is the primary payment. We also accept PayPal payment for samples and small orders. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create a new one quickly and connect to your debit or credit card.

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LiPoly Battery 11mm List

modelcapacitythickness (mm)width (mm)length (mm)voltage
LP113660300 mAh1136603.7V
LP111825450 mAh1118253.7V
LP111927450 mAh1119273.7V
LP112425540 mAh1124253.7V
LP112525580 mAh1125253.7V
LP112229600 mAh1122293.7V
LP112527650 mAh1125273.7V
LP112426670 mAh1124263.7V
LP112528700 mAh1125283.7V
LP111935750 mAh1119353.7V
LP112328750 mAh1123283.7V
LP112330750 mAh1123303.7V
LP112031800 mAh1120313.7V
LP112529850 mAh1125293.7V
LP112337950 mAh1123373.7V
LP1123441000 mAh1123443.7V
LP1128311000 mAh1128313.7V
LP1130301000 mAh1130303.7V
LP1130331000 mAh1130333.7V
LP1125391100 mAh1125393.7V
LP1125401100 mAh1125403.7V
LP1132321100 mAh1132323.7V
LP1124461200 mAh1124463.7V
LP1127371200 mAh1127373.7V
LP1124421250 mAh1124423.7V
LP1124481300 mAh1124483.7V
LP1128401300 mAh1128403.7V
LP1125451400 mAh1125453.7V
LP1128431400 mAh1128433.7V
LP1128471400 mAh1128473.7V
LP1130401400 mAh1130403.7V
LP1130451400 mAh1130453.7V
LP1134281400 mAh1134283.7V
LP1134321400 mAh1134323.7V
LP1122571500 mAh1122573.7V
LP1134371500 mAh1134373.7V
LP1134381500 mAh1134383.7V
LP1126491550 mAh1126493.7V
LP1130431600 mAh1130433.7V
LP1135351600 mAh1135353.7V
LP1122541800 mAh1122543.7V
LP1125561800 mAh1125563.7V
LP1125601800 mAh1125603.7V
LP1132481800 mAh1132483.7V
LP1130501900 mAh1130503.7V
LP1138401900 mAh1138403.7V
LP1123752000 mAh1123753.7V
LP1132522000 mAh1132523.7V
LP1132552000 mAh1132553.7V
LP1134502000 mAh1134503.7V
LP1140402000 mAh1140403.7V
LP1125682200 mAh1125683.7V
LP1122822400 mAh1122823.7V
LP1127652400 mAh1127653.7V
LP1138502500 mAh1138503.7V
LP1142462550 mAh1142463.7V
LP1135602650 mAh1135603.7V
LP1136572800 mAh1136573.7V
LP1142442800 mAh1142443.7V
LP1134652900 mAh1134653.7V
LP1145512900 mAh1145513.7V
LP1135653000 mAh1135653.7V
LP1137603000 mAh1137603.7V
LP1139603000 mAh1139603.7V
LP1145473000 mAh1145473.7V
LP1146463000 mAh1146463.7V
LP1147523000 mAh1147523.7V
LP1150523000 mAh1150523.7V
LP1145453100 mAh1145453.7V
LP1139523200 mAh1139523.7V
LP1148503200 mAh1148503.7V
LP1143543300 mAh1143543.7V
LP1153503300 mAh1153503.7V
LP1144583400 mAh1144583.7V
LP1141633500 mAh1141633.7V
LP1138683600 mAh1138683.7V
LP1143583600 mAh1143583.7V
LP1133863800 mAh1133863.7V
LP1140684000 mAh1140683.7V
LP1142654000 mAh1142653.7V
LP1142674000 mAh1142673.7V
LP1148584000 mAh1148583.7V
LP1138644100 mAh1138643.7V
LP1140774100 mAh1140773.7V
LP1134884200 mAh1134883.7V
LP1141704700 mAh1141703.7V
LP1159534800 mAh1159533.7V
LP1144704900 mAh1144703.7V
LP1147674900 mAh1147673.7V
LP1148655000 mAh1148653.7V
LP1150735000 mAh1150733.7V
LP1150755000 mAh1150753.7V
LP1152715000 mAh1152713.7V
LP1141875100 mAh1141873.7V
LP1142875100 mAh1142873.7V
LP1154725400 mAh1154723.7V
LP1141905700 mAh1141903.7V
LP1160755800 mAh1160753.7V
LP11411106000 mAh11411103.7V
LP1155906300 mAh1155903.7V
LP11581138000 mAh11581133.7V
LP11601008500 mAh11601003.7V
LP11611079200 mAh11611073.7V
LP11601109500 mAh11601103.7V
LP115811510000 mAh11581153.7V
LP116010310000 mAh11601033.7V
LP1154696000 mAh1146983.7V
LP11651109600 mAh11651103.7V

New Applications of LiPoly Battery