Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 2800mAh For The World’s Fastest Mini-Scanner

[ratings] The world’s fastest mini-scanner built-in the Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 2800mAh is changing the way of our life. It can scan anything you want in anywhere and anytime: sending your receipts to your accountant, storing and saving your contracts, capturing every images, sharing your children drawing with your loves ones, scanning into Word. 1. Lightweight shape – easy handhold & portable The world’s fastest mini-scanner is lightweight & portable and a very easy handhold with one-simple button. It has comfortable shape with diameter 1,26inches and 5,3inches, hence you can take it in your pocket. Other components are also very lightweight, especially the built-in Li-Polymer Battery is only 56g with dimensions diameter 18mm and length 65mm. The Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 optimiz the internal space of mini-scanner perfectly and makes it more portable. 2. Real-time & the fastest transmission function – efficient & wireless The world’s fastest mini-scanner allow you to scan anything by connecting straightly your cloud & messeges & e-mail for transfer the files, drawing, images. And the total transfer process will take the time no more than 3s, and is wireless. What’s more, the built in Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 can work for the world’s fastest mini-scanner continuously for 12hours. It means that transfer at least 1000times but only charge Our Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 once. 3. High quality Li-Polymer Battery – safe & durable & density energy The Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 manufacturer by LIPOLBATTERY have outstanding performance: High energy density, Accurate dimensions, Superior safety and Huge selection. Our R&D team designed a Cylindrical Li-Polymer Battery LP18650 series, which have different capacity for meeting clients request, but also keep same dimensions: diameter 18mm and length 65mm. We have been creating high quality Li-Polymer Batteries and best service for our customers from high-tech fields. When our li-polymer batteries can be designed into their developing products and then sale online, we are as excited as our customer. More Li-Polymer Batteries please go to our battery category page to select:
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