50C High Discharge Rate Lithium Ion Battery

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What is the Discharge C Rate?

The discharge C rate of a battery indicates the rate at which it can be discharged relative to its maximum capacity. It measures the current a battery can provide over a specific period. A C rate is calculated by dividing the discharge current by the battery’s nominal capacity. For example, a 1000mAh battery with a 1C rate can discharge 1000mA (or 1A) in one hour. A 2C rate would imply discharging 2000mA (or 2A) in half an hour, and so on.

Importance of the Discharge C Rate

The discharge C rate is crucial because it determines the suitability of a battery for various applications. Higher C rates are necessary for devices that require a lot of power quickly, such as drones, RC cars, and other high-performance electronic devices. A higher C rate means the battery can deliver more power without succumbing to stress or overheating, thus maintaining efficiency and prolonging the battery’s life.

Popular High Discharge Rate LiPoly Battery

50c high rate lipo battery.csv

50c high rate lipo battery.csv
ModelC RateCapacityT*W*L(mm)Voltage(V)
LPHD887013050C7000 mAh8.8 x 70 x 1303.7V
LPHD926713550C7000 mAh9.2 x 67 x 1353.7V
LPHD727013050C5400 mAh7.2 x 70 x 1303.7V
LPHD104312550C5000 mAh10.0 x 43 x 1253.7V
LPHD934813550C5000 mAh9.3 x 48 x 1353.7V
LPHD806808850C4000 mAh8.0 x 68 x 883.7V
LPHD904312850C4000 mAh9.0 x 43 x 1283.7V
LPHD744212550C3500 mAh7.4 x 42 x 1253.7V
LPHD734212550C3200 mAh7.3 x 42 x 1253.7V
LPHD756508050C3200 mAh7.5 x 65 x 803.7V
LPHD88608050C3200 mAh8.8 x 60 x 803.7V
LPHD685210650C2950 mAh6.8 x 52 x 1063.7V
LPHD369509650C2600 mAh3.6 x 95 x 963.7V
LPHD606008050C2300 mAh6.0 x 60 x 803.7V
LPHD426809850C2100 mAh4.2 x 68 x 983.7V
LPHD367809550C2000 mAh3.6 x 78 x 953.7V
LPHD476508050C1800 mAh4.7 x 65 x 803.7V
LPHD606006050C1700 mAh6.0 x 60 x 603.7V
LPHD326110050C1600 mAh3.2 x 61 x 1003.7V
LPHD753506250C1250 mAh7.5 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD683408050C1300 mAh6.8 x 34 x 803.7V