Explore the potential of the 3.7V LP902040 LiPoly battery, a compact and reliable power source designed to drive a wide range of portable electronics. With a 700mAh capacity, this battery combines longevity, efficiency, and the lightweight characteristics of LiPo technology, making it an ideal choice for today’s high-demand gadgets and applications.
This LiPoly Battery LP902040 3.7V 700mAh 3.7Wh size is 9.0 x 20 x 40mm, with a protection circuit module and wires.

Detailed Overview of the 3.7V LP902040 700mAh LiPoly Battery:

  • Optimal Voltage and Capacity: The LP902040 lipoly battery features a nominal voltage of 3.7V, perfect for standard electronic devices, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply. The 700mAh capacity offers a solid balance between size and energy storage, providing enough power to keep your devices running efficiently without contributing significant weight or bulk.
  • Compact and Versatile Design: This LiPoly battery is known for its slim profile and flexible design, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into various portable devices. Whether used in wearable tech, health monitors, innovative accessories, or any compact gadget, the LP902040 lipoly battery fits perfectly, enhancing the device’s overall form factor and user experience.
  • High Energy Density: LiPoly batteries are celebrated for their excellent energy density, and the LP902040 is no exception. It stores a large amount of energy in a small package, enabling devices to last longer between charges while maintaining a lightweight and slim design.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount in battery technology, and the LP902040 lipoly battery incorporates multiple safety mechanisms to ensure reliable operation. These include protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, contributing to the battery’s longevity and the safety of the device it powers.
  • Broad Application Range: The versatility of the 700mAh capacity and 3.7V output makes this battery suitable for various applications. It’s especially ideal for projects that require a reliable power source in a compact form, such as IoT devices, portable media players, small-scale robotics, and other innovative gadgets.
  • Durability and Reliability: Designed to withstand numerous charge and discharge cycles, the LP902040 lipoly battery maintains its performance over time, providing a dependable and consistent energy supply throughout its lifespan.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Adhering to modern environmental standards, this LiPoly battery is manufactured with sustainability, ensuring that while it provides the energy your devices need, it also aligns with eco-friendly practices.

3.7V LP902040 700mAh LiPoly Battery

The 3.7V LP902040 700mAh LiPoly Battery is more than just a power unit; it’s a versatile, high-performance solution tailored to the demands of contemporary portable electronics. Its balance of power, portability, and safety makes it an excellent choice for designers, engineers, and innovators looking to enhance the functionality and reliability of their devices. Whether powering everyday gadgets or fueling the next technological breakthrough, this lipoly battery stands ready to deliver clean, efficient, and sustained energy.

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3.7V LiPoly Battery 700mAh List

LP101552700 mAh521510
LP101752700 mAh521710
LP102039700 mAh392010
LP102530700 mAh302510
LP102730700 mAh302710
LP112528700 mAh282511
LP284052700 mAh52402.8
LP334148700 mAh48413.3
LP334150700 mAh50413.3
LP363650700 mAh50363.6
LP393258700 mAh58323.9
LP393450700 mAh50343.9
LP402755700 mAh55274
LP402860700 mAh60284
LP403050700 mAh50304
LP403450700 mAh50344
LP422079700 mAh79204.2
LP444240700 mAh40424.4
LP451885700 mAh85184.5
LP452560700 mAh60254.5
LP502355700 mAh55235
LP502652700 mAh52265
LP503233700 mAh33325
LP503340700 mAh40335
LP503440700 mAh40345
LP503442700 mAh42345
LP503635700 mAh35365
LP504840700 mAh40485
LP523436700 mAh36345.2
LP551965700 mAh65195.5
LP553157700 mAh57315.5
LP563142700 mAh42315.6
LP563434700 mAh34345.6
LP572738700 mAh38275.7
LP573229700 mAh29325.7
LP582360700 mAh60235.8
LP583436700 mAh36345.8
LP593040700 mAh40305.9
LP602060700 mAh60206
LP602445700 mAh45246
LP602548700 mAh48256
LP602932700 mAh32296
LP632442700 mAh42246.3
LP651474700 mAh74146.5
LP652649700 mAh49266.5
LP653035700 mAh35306.5
LP663229700 mAh29326.6
LP682442700 mAh42246.8
LP702248700 mAh48227
LP702930700 mAh30297
LP732540700 mAh40257.3
LP752050700 mAh50207.5
LP752535700 mAh35257.5
LP762043700 mAh43207.6
LP772435700 mAh35247.7
LP801555700 mAh55158
LP802050700 mAh50208
LP802535700 mAh35258
LP822245700 mAh45228.2
LP853030700 mAh30308.5
LP901550700 mAh50159
LP902040700 mAh40209
LP903030700 mAh30309
LP952728700 mAh28279.5
LP612931710 mAh31296.1
LP852141710 mAh41218.5
LP101748720 mAh481710
LP432951720 mAh51294.3
LP453444720 mAh44344.5
LP503639720 mAh39365
LP572060720 mAh60205.7
LP651665720 mAh65166.5
LP702259720 mAh59227
LP782633720 mAh33267.8
LP852927720 mAh27298.5
LP882237720 mAh37228.8
LP952830720 mAh30289.5
LP962731720 mAh31279.6
LP344243730 mAh43423.4
LP553440730 mAh40345.5
LP582060730 mAh60205.8
LP613040730 mAh40306.1
LP923030730 mAh30309.2
LP284154740 mAh54412.8
LP102040750 mAh402010
LP102534750 mAh342510
LP111935750 mAh351911
LP112328750 mAh282311
LP112330750 mAh302311
LP284358750 mAh58432.8
LP305048750 mAh48503
LP343462750 mAh62343.4
LP353562750 mAh62353.5
LP354053750 mAh53403.5
LP403548750 mAh48354
LP404242750 mAh42424
LP432572750 mAh72254.3
LP452167750 mAh67214.5
LP452954750 mAh54294.5
LP453347750 mAh47334.5
LP453450750 mAh50344.5
LP473450750 mAh50344.7
LP482950750 mAh50294.8
LP503048750 mAh48305
LP503443750 mAh43345
LP512850750 mAh50285.1
LP523440750 mAh40345.2
LP523442750 mAh42345.2
LP532845750 mAh45285.3
LP552550750 mAh50255.5
LP552848750 mAh48285.5
LP553045750 mAh45305.5
LP553046750 mAh46305.5
LP603040750 mAh40306
LP603046750 mAh46306
LP603336750 mAh36336
LP603434750 mAh34346
LP603436750 mAh36346
LP643236750 mAh36326.4
LP652445750 mAh45246.5
LP652540750 mAh40256.5
LP702542750 mAh42257
LP702744750 mAh44277
LP702837750 mAh37287
LP703036750 mAh36307
LP703235750 mAh35327
LP732248750 mAh48227.3
LP753035750 mAh35307.5
LP791750750 mAh50177.9
LP802043750 mAh43208
LP802044750 mAh44208
LP802045750 mAh45208
LP802049750 mAh49208
LP802245750 mAh45228
LP802440750 mAh40248
LP802732750 mAh32278
LP802735750 mAh35278
LP803628750 mAh28368
LP822244750 mAh44228.2
LP832045750 mAh45208.3
LP852045750 mAh45208.5
LP852338750 mAh38238.5
LP852933750 mAh33298.5
LP892830750 mAh30288.9
LP902238750 mAh38229
LP902830750 mAh30289
LP922829750 mAh29289.2
LP932238750 mAh38229.3
LP962730750 mAh30279.6
LP962830750 mAh30289.6
LP972830750 mAh30289.7
LP224269760 mAh69422.2
LP632832760 mAh32286.3
LP772040760 mAh40207.7
LP473440770 mAh40344.7
LP533441770 mAh41345.3
LP633331770 mAh31336.3
LP254262780 mAh62422.5
LP303079780 mAh79303
LP303080780 mAh80303
LP433450780 mAh50344.3
LP623036780 mAh36306.2
LP683040780 mAh40306.8
LP683232780 mAh32326.8
LP732438780 mAh38247.3
LP742837780 mAh37287.4
LP801660780 mAh60168
LP882734780 mAh34278.8
LP882833780 mAh33288.8
LP883035780 mAh35308.8
LP901748780 mAh48179
LP971948780 mAh48199.7
LP185388790 mAh88531.8
LP473837790 mAh37384.7
LP532257790 mAh57225.3
LP553639790 mAh39365.5