Revolutionizing On-the-Go Printing: The Power of the 2000mAh Li-ion Battery in Inkless Portable Printers

In the fast-paced world of mobile technology and portable devices, the inkless portable printer stands out as a revolutionary tool, especially for professionals constantly on the move. Central to the functionality of these cutting-edge printers is the 2000mAh Li-ion battery, which offers an impressive balance of longevity, reliability, and power. This battery enables the printer to operate on a single charge for up to 35 hours, ensuring that users can print documents anytime and anywhere, seamlessly integrating with both PC and mobile devices.

Integrating a 2000mAh Li-ion battery into inkless portable printers represents a significant advancement in printing technology, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for mobile professionals. This battery powers the device’s ability to print in various settings without traditional consumables and supports a lightweight, eco-friendly printing solution. Whether for business, academic, or personal purposes, the inkless portable printer powered by the 2000mAh Li-ion battery is an excellent investment for anyone looking for reliable, efficient, and portable printing solutions.

Key Features and Benefits of the 2000mAh Li-ion Battery for Inkless Portable Printers

Extended Battery Life: With up to 35 hours of battery life, the 2000mAh Li-ion battery ensures that the inkless portable printer can handle even the most demanding print jobs without frequent recharges. This feature is invaluable for professionals who rely on their printer for fieldwork, client meetings, or travel.

Portable and Efficient Design: The compact size of the Li-ion battery contributes to the printer’s overall portable design, making it easy to carry in a bag or briefcase. Despite its small form factor, it does not compromise on power, driving the printer’s ability to handle various paper types and print without traditional ink or toner.

High Compatibility: The printer’s compatibility with PC and mobile platforms, enhanced by its integration with popular applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, is primarily powered by the robust 2000mAh battery. This ensures users can print documents, emails, and files directly from their devices, reflecting the printer’s adaptability in different work environments.

Eco-Friendly Printing Solution: The inkless technology reduces the mess and hassle associated with traditional ink-based printing and aligns with environmentally conscious practices. The Li-ion battery supports this green initiative by providing a reliable power source that maximizes the printer’s energy efficiency.

2000mAh Li-ion Battery Recommendation

LP10840 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 700mAh

LP10840 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 700mAh

It is introducing the LP10840 700mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, a pinnacle of portable power that marries high capacity with a sleek, user-friendly design. Engineered for those who demand reliability without compromise, this battery encapsulates the essence of...

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery LP10840 700mAh

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery LP10840 700mAh

It is introducing the LP10840 700mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, a pinnacle of portable power that marries high capacity with a sleek, user-friendly design. Engineered for those who demand reliability without compromise, this battery encapsulates the essence of...

Applications in Professional Settings

The 2000mAh Li-ion battery-equipped inkless portable printer is particularly suited for various professional scenarios:

Business Professionals: This printer is ideal for those who frequently travel for work or transition between multiple meeting locations. It can print critical documents on demand, from contracts to presentations.

Event Planners: Quickly printing schedules, itineraries, and adjustments to event plans becomes straightforward, ensuring smooth operations during fast-paced events.

Educators and Trainers: Handouts, notes, and educational materials can be printed right in the classroom or workshop venue, providing flexibility and immediate access to necessary documents.

Field Researchers: When working in remote locations, having the ability to print observations, notes, and labels on various paper types without worrying about ink supplies can significantly enhance productivity.

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery List

Lithium Battery 18650

Part NumberVoltage (V)Capacity (mAh)Size (mm)
LP18650D 2P3.7440019*37*67
LP18650C 2P3.7520019*37*67
LP18650B 2P3.7560019*37*67
LP18650A 2P3.7640019*37*67
LP18650A+ 2P3.7700019*37*67
LP18650D 3P3.7660019*56*70
LP18650C 3P3.7780019*56*70
LP18650B 3P3.7840019*56*70
LP18650A 3P3.7960019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3P3.71050019*56*70
LP18650D 2S7.4220019*37*67
LP18650C 2S7.4260019*37*67
LP18650B 2S7.4280019*37*67
LP18650A 2S7.4320019*37*67
LP18650A+ 2S7.4350019*37*67
LP18650D 3S11.1220019*56*70
LP18650C 3S11.1260019*56*70
LP18650B 3S11.1280019*56*70
LP18650A 3S11.1320019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3S11.1350019*56*70
All lithium batteries 18650 have a standard protection circuit and wires.

Rechargeable 2000mAh LiPoly Battery List

LiPoly Battery 3.7v 2000mah+

LP1026642000 mAh642610
LP1027782000 mAh782710
LP1034602000 mAh603410
LP1036502000 mAh503610
LP1039432000 mAh433910
LP1040442000 mAh444010
LP1041542000 mAh544110
LP1043432000 mAh434310
LP1123752000 mAh752311
LP1132522000 mAh523211
LP1132552000 mAh553211
LP1134502000 mAh503411
LP1140402000 mAh404011
LP1224602000 mAh602412
LP1240402000 mAh404012
LP24621132000 mAh113622.4
LP2684972000 mAh97842.6
LP2870902000 mAh90702.8
LP2961822000 mAh82612.9
LP2969852000 mAh85692.9
LP30451112000 mAh111453
LP30451352000 mAh135453
LP3057792000 mAh79573
LP3157792000 mAh79573.1
LP3170932000 mAh93703.1
LP3259902000 mAh90593.2
LP3260782000 mAh78603.2
LP3260802000 mAh80603.2
LP3266902000 mAh90663.2
LP3268792000 mAh79683.2
LP33461062000 mAh106463.3
LP3361822000 mAh82613.3
LP3369742000 mAh74693.3
LP3370892000 mAh89703.3
LP3451972000 mAh97513.4
LP3457882000 mAh88573.4
LP3460902000 mAh90603.4
LP3463852000 mAh85633.4
LP34801082000 mAh108803.4
LP3553802000 mAh80533.5
LP3558772000 mAh77583.5
LP3559752000 mAh75593.5
LP3560702000 mAh70603.5
LP3560782000 mAh78603.5
LP3562692000 mAh69623.5
LP3564772000 mAh77643.5
LP3663762000 mAh76633.6
LP3665842000 mAh84653.6
LP3848952000 mAh95483.8
LP3862722000 mAh72623.8
LP3870782000 mAh78703.8
LP3945942000 mAh94453.9
LP3945952000 mAh95453.9
LP3955752000 mAh75553.9
LP3960672000 mAh67603.9
LP3960792000 mAh79603.9
LP4050792000 mAh79504
LP4054642000 mAh64544
LP4062622000 mAh62624
LP4250822000 mAh82504.2
LP4252782000 mAh78524.2
LP4258682000 mAh68584.2
LP4267602000 mAh60674.2
LP4342912000 mAh91424.3
LP4342922000 mAh92424.3
LP4354822000 mAh82544.3
LP4368882000 mAh88684.3
LP4540882000 mAh88404.5
LP4546752000 mAh75464.5
LP4553732000 mAh73534.5
LP46391002000 mAh100394.6
LP4652722000 mAh72524.6
LP4838982000 mAh98384.8
LP4839932000 mAh93394.8
LP4939882000 mAh88394.9
LP5037822000 mAh82375
LP5040902000 mAh90405
LP5043802000 mAh80435
LP5050652000 mAh65505
LP5050682000 mAh68505
LP5050852000 mAh85505
LP5053852000 mAh85535
LP5055632000 mAh63555
LP5238782000 mAh78385.2
LP5248682000 mAh68485.2
LP5250602000 mAh60505.2
LP5258702000 mAh70585.2
LP5334952000 mAh95345.3
LP5336802000 mAh80365.3
LP5437762000 mAh76375.4
LP5444732000 mAh73445.4
LP5448572000 mAh57485.4
LP5539782000 mAh78395.5
LP5544602000 mAh60445.5
LP5551642000 mAh64515.5
LP5553702000 mAh70535.5
LP5657482000 mAh48575.6
LP5736792000 mAh79365.7
LP58281152000 mAh115285.8
LP5842652000 mAh65425.8
LP5843682000 mAh68435.8
LP6030982000 mAh98306
LP6035852000 mAh85356
LP6037732000 mAh73376
LP60421252000 mAh125426
LP6042602000 mAh60426
LP6045602000 mAh60456
LP6048602000 mAh60486
LP6050552000 mAh55506
LP6050562000 mAh56506
LP6050622000 mAh62506
LP6050662000 mAh66506
LP6137732000 mAh73376.1
LP6241642000 mAh64416.2
LP6242722000 mAh72426.2
LP6340672000 mAh67406.3
LP6341592000 mAh59416.3
LP6439642000 mAh64396.4
LP6441572000 mAh57416.4
LP6452542000 mAh54526.4
LP6536652000 mAh65366.5
LP6537672000 mAh67376.5
LP6540652000 mAh65406.5
LP6541692000 mAh69416.5
LP6545502000 mAh50456.5
LP6545582000 mAh58456.5
LP6550502000 mAh50506.5
LP6640602000 mAh60406.6
LP6645702000 mAh70456.6
LP6742602000 mAh60426.7
LP6753482000 mAh48536.7
LP6830862000 mAh86306.8
LP6835662000 mAh66356.8
LP6845502000 mAh50456.8
LP6937642000 mAh64376.9
LP7040552000 mAh55407
LP7040602000 mAh60407
LP7042612000 mAh61427
LP7042702000 mAh70427
LP7060402000 mAh40607
LP7445422000 mAh42457.4
LP7527892000 mAh89277.5
LP7544602000 mAh60447.5
LP7546472000 mAh47467.5
LP7637582000 mAh58377.6
LP8032652000 mAh65328
LP8034602000 mAh60348
LP8035592000 mAh59358
LP8037592000 mAh59378
LP8244452000 mAh45448.2
LP8534652000 mAh65348.5
LP8535572000 mAh57358.5
LP8546582000 mAh58468.5
LP8650402000 mAh40508.6
LP8832602000 mAh60328.8
LP8835622000 mAh62358.8
LP9035522000 mAh52359
LP9038502000 mAh50389
LP9040482000 mAh48409
LP9234552000 mAh55349.2
LP9534552000 mAh55349.5
LP9537492000 mAh49379.5
LP9740462000 mAh46409.7
LP8026802030 mAh80268
LP8540502030 mAh50408.5
LP5254622040 mAh62545.2
LP1027652050 mAh652710
LP4140872050 mAh87404.1
LP7536622050 mAh62367.5
LP7736622050 mAh62367.7
LP7942542050 mAh54427.9
LP8040482050 mAh48408
LP8135602050 mAh60358.1
LP8542502050 mAh50428.5
LP30461132080 mAh113463
LP31461102080 mAh110463.1
LP1237402100 mAh403712
LP25601172100 mAh117602.5
LP29461102100 mAh110462.9
LP31451102100 mAh110453.1
LP31491192100 mAh119493.1
LP3270932100 mAh93703.2
LP34491092100 mAh109493.4
LP3563922100 mAh92633.5
LP3568952100 mAh95683.5
LP36451102100 mAh110453.6
LP3657702100 mAh70573.6
LP3947962100 mAh96473.9
LP3961762100 mAh76613.9
LP40411102100 mAh110414
LP4055822100 mAh82554
LP4055852100 mAh85554
LP4059762100 mAh76594
LP4062712100 mAh71624
LP4156902100 mAh90564.1
LP4159742100 mAh74594.1
LP4250852100 mAh85504.2
LP4350832100 mAh83504.3
LP4455732100 mAh73554.4
LP4556722100 mAh72564.5
LP4651762100 mAh76514.6
LP4655712100 mAh71554.6
LP4754692100 mAh69544.7
LP5055642100 mAh64555
LP5145702100 mAh70455.1
LP5449682100 mAh68495.4
LP6035802100 mAh80356
LP6042752100 mAh75426
LP6043682100 mAh68436
LP6050592100 mAh59506
LP6145612100 mAh61456.1
LP6247652100 mAh65476.2
LP6341692100 mAh69416.3
LP6734772100 mAh77346.7
LP7036652100 mAh65367
LP7042602100 mAh60427
LP7240602100 mAh60407.2
LP7440602100 mAh60407.4
LP8830682100 mAh68308.8
LP1040452150 mAh454010
LP6534802150 mAh80346.5
LP6550682150 mAh68506.5
LP7343482150 mAh48437.3
LP22751132180 mAh113752.2
LP1025752200 mAh752510
LP1040462200 mAh464010
LP1042502200 mAh504210
LP1125682200 mAh682511
LP2870952200 mAh95702.8
LP2884842200 mAh84842.8
LP3070892200 mAh89703
LP3070902200 mAh90703
LP32421112200 mAh111423.2
LP3259872200 mAh87593.2
LP3363922200 mAh92633.3
LP34471072200 mAh107473.4
LP34531032200 mAh103533.4
LP34561102200 mAh110563.4
LP3457762200 mAh76573.4
LP3459862200 mAh86593.4
LP3465952200 mAh95653.4
LP3555972200 mAh97553.5
LP3558952200 mAh95583.5
LP3560752200 mAh75603.5
LP3565902200 mAh90653.5
LP3652902200 mAh90523.6
LP3860862200 mAh86603.8
LP3862852200 mAh85623.8
LP3864792200 mAh79643.8
LP3965852200 mAh85653.9
LP4047982200 mAh98474
LP4050802200 mAh80504
LP4065902200 mAh90654
LP4154832200 mAh83544.1
LP4158762200 mAh76584.1
LP4242922200 mAh92424.2
LP4245902200 mAh90454.2
LP4254842200 mAh84544.2
LP4258772200 mAh77584.2
LP4268682200 mAh68684.2
LP4351842200 mAh84514.3
LP4450802200 mAh80504.4
LP4650652200 mAh65504.6
LP4653762200 mAh76534.6
LP5053652200 mAh65535
LP5055602200 mAh60555
LP5055732200 mAh73555
LP5061682200 mAh68615
LP5235962200 mAh96355.2
LP5350662200 mAh66505.3
LP5550682200 mAh68505.5
LP5551612200 mAh61515.5
LP5557612200 mAh61575.5
LP56251492200 mAh149255.6
LP5936872200 mAh87365.9
LP5954592200 mAh59545.9
LP5954602200 mAh60545.9
LP6050602200 mAh60506
LP6056562200 mAh56566
LP6140702200 mAh70406.1
LP6140712200 mAh71406.1
LP6140722200 mAh72406.1
LP6141742200 mAh74416.1
LP61421252200 mAh125426.1
LP6241702200 mAh70416.2
LP6245532200 mAh53456.2
LP6340722200 mAh72406.3
LP6350602200 mAh60506.3
LP6532942200 mAh94326.5
LP6540602200 mAh60406.5
LP6646772200 mAh77466.6
LP6844602200 mAh60446.8
LP6946512200 mAh51466.9
LP70331002200 mAh100337
LP7037672200 mAh67377
LP7050532200 mAh53507
LP7050592200 mAh59507
LP7242622200 mAh62427.2
LP7340652200 mAh65407.3
LP8025922200 mAh92258
LP8032732200 mAh73328
LP8045502200 mAh50458
LP8050482200 mAh48508
LP8052522200 mAh52528
LP8140552200 mAh55408.1
LP8542522200 mAh52428.5
LP9037592200 mAh59379
LP9446432200 mAh43469.4
LP9535622200 mAh62359.5
LP9544502200 mAh50449.5
LP5840822230 mAh82405.8
LP3260882250 mAh88603.2
LP3853902250 mAh90533.8
LP4456712250 mAh71564.4
LP5954582250 mAh58545.9
LP6044642250 mAh64446
LP6547592250 mAh59476.5
LP6843602250 mAh60436.8
LP7240532250 mAh53407.2
LP8435602250 mAh60358.4
LP9844502260 mAh50449.8
LP9945422260 mAh42459.9
LP1044432300 mAh434410
LP1044472300 mAh474410
LP2585942300 mAh94852.5
LP2967942300 mAh94672.9
LP33421122300 mAh112423.3
LP34491182300 mAh118493.4
LP3565852300 mAh85653.5
LP36521032300 mAh103523.6
LP3660902300 mAh90603.6
LP3846932300 mAh93463.8
LP4062632300 mAh63624
LP4064772300 mAh77644
LP4164742300 mAh74644.1
LP4256832300 mAh83564.2
LP4347982300 mAh98474.3
LP4356812300 mAh81564.3
LP4559682300 mAh68594.5
LP4561712300 mAh71614.5
LP4561732300 mAh73614.5
LP4661712300 mAh71614.6
LP4768622300 mAh62684.7
LP5054742300 mAh74545
LP5254702300 mAh70545.2
LP5451702300 mAh70515.4
LP5540882300 mAh88405.5
LP5850682300 mAh68505.8
LP6037812300 mAh81376
LP6039802300 mAh80396
LP6043842300 mAh84436
LP6050482300 mAh48506
LP6050642300 mAh64506
LP6150642300 mAh64506.1
LP6250622300 mAh62506.2
LP6437672300 mAh67376.4
LP6530952300 mAh95306.5
LP6538682300 mAh68386.5
LP6555582300 mAh58556.5
LP6654552300 mAh55546.6
LP7043612300 mAh61437
LP7043652300 mAh65437
LP7047622300 mAh62477
LP7058482300 mAh48587
LP72331082300 mAh108337.2
LP7539622300 mAh62397.5
LP7837642300 mAh64377.8
LP8038602300 mAh60388
LP8038652300 mAh65388
LP8234822300 mAh82348.2
LP9037582300 mAh58379
LP9234602300 mAh60349.2
LP9336552300 mAh55369.3
LP9336592300 mAh59369.3
LP9342522300 mAh52429.3
LP3460872310 mAh87603.4
LP2958952350 mAh95582.9
LP30581292350 mAh129583
LP34421112350 mAh111423.4
LP5061662350 mAh66615
LP5260572350 mAh57605.2
LP5556602350 mAh60565.5
LP1033602400 mAh603310
LP1040502400 mAh504010
LP1045452400 mAh454510
LP1122822400 mAh822211
LP1127652400 mAh652711
LP2388992400 mAh99882.3
LP28551332400 mAh133552.8
LP30701002400 mAh100703
LP3070982400 mAh98703
LP3270902400 mAh90703.2
LP3370902400 mAh90703.3
LP3370932400 mAh93703.3
LP35511152400 mAh115513.5
LP3560952400 mAh95603.5
LP35671002400 mAh100673.5
LP3666852400 mAh85663.6
LP3855932400 mAh93553.8
LP3952922400 mAh92523.9
LP3954952400 mAh95543.9
LP4071712400 mAh71714
LP42421122400 mAh112424.2
LP42441042400 mAh104444.2
LP42461042400 mAh104464.2
LP4345992400 mAh99454.3
LP4351922400 mAh92514.3
LP4463732400 mAh73634.4
LP45451002400 mAh100454.5
LP4550792400 mAh79504.5
LP4564842400 mAh84644.5
LP4845882400 mAh88454.8
LP4861692400 mAh69614.8
LP4943972400 mAh97434.9
LP5045882400 mAh88455
LP5067612400 mAh61675
LP5546732400 mAh73465.5
LP5550702400 mAh70505.5
LP5641772400 mAh77415.6
LP5758632400 mAh63585.7
LP6253582400 mAh58536.2
LP6650562400 mAh56506.6
LP7044602400 mAh60447
LP7045662400 mAh66457
LP7048602400 mAh60487
LP7050482400 mAh48507
LP7050562400 mAh56507
LP7249572400 mAh57497.2
LP7441602400 mAh60417.4
LP7542542400 mAh54427.5
LP7550482400 mAh48507.5
LP7550542400 mAh54507.5
LP8038612400 mAh61388
LP8039642400 mAh64398
LP9045502400 mAh50459
LP9526782400 mAh78269.5
LP9533642400 mAh64339.5
LP9840502400 mAh50409.8
LP1036542420 mAh553610
LP1044532450 mAh534410
LP29531332450 mAh133532.9
LP35551352450 mAh135553.5
LP4354722450 mAh72544.3
LP4442922450 mAh92424.4
LP4442962450 mAh96424.4
LP5251632450 mAh63515.2
LP5446802450 mAh80465.4
LP7544612450 mAh61447.5
LP7839662450 mAh66397.8
LP7845622450 mAh62457.8
LP8039662450 mAh66398
LP1030682500 mAh683010
LP1044502500 mAh504410
LP1138502500 mAh503811
LP1225702500 mAh702512
LP1235572500 mAh573512
LP1334482500 mAh483413
LP1336572500 mAh573613
LP23105892500 mAh891052.3
LP23901012500 mAh101902.3
LP2699832500 mAh83992.6
LP2784942500 mAh94842.7
LP2980882500 mAh88802.9
LP30621102500 mAh110623
LP30661002500 mAh100663
LP3070952500 mAh95703
LP3075952500 mAh95753
LP3080782500 mAh78803
LP3080882500 mAh88803
LP3164922500 mAh92643.1
LP32461432500 mAh143463.2
LP32461502500 mAh150463.2
LP32561182500 mAh118563.2
LP33531482500 mAh148533.3
LP3363832500 mAh83633.3
LP3368902500 mAh90683.3
LP3368932500 mAh93683.3
LP3375952500 mAh95753.3
LP3377842500 mAh84773.3
LP34461342500 mAh134463.4
LP3470982500 mAh98703.4
LP34771082500 mAh108773.4
LP3570932500 mAh93703.5
LP3570992500 mAh99703.5
LP3667852500 mAh85673.6
LP3759812500 mAh81593.7
LP37741082500 mAh108743.7
LP3865872500 mAh87653.8
LP3962812500 mAh81623.9
LP4060682500 mAh68604
LP4351972500 mAh97514.3
LP44401192500 mAh119404.4
LP44481012500 mAh101484.4
LP4560802500 mAh80604.5
LP4660682500 mAh68604.6
LP4969622500 mAh62694.9
LP5050802500 mAh80505
LP5054732500 mAh73545
LP5055782500 mAh78555
LP5244942500 mAh94445.2
LP5251782500 mAh78515.2
LP5356882500 mAh88565.3
LP5450662500 mAh66505.4
LP5450682500 mAh68505.4
LP5537972500 mAh97375.5
LP5540912500 mAh91405.5
LP5551682500 mAh68515.5
LP5551752500 mAh75515.5
LP5560652500 mAh65605.5
LP5644972500 mAh97445.6
LP5647812500 mAh81475.6
LP5751712500 mAh71515.7
LP5755752500 mAh75555.7
LP5850702500 mAh70505.8
LP5851762500 mAh76515.8
LP6046742500 mAh74466
LP6051752500 mAh75516
LP6060652500 mAh65606
LP6241792500 mAh79416.2
LP6442682500 mAh68426.4
LP6550602500 mAh60506.5
LP6655632500 mAh63556.6
LP7038762500 mAh76387
LP7040722500 mAh72407
LP7043702500 mAh70437
LP7050552500 mAh55507
LP7240682500 mAh68407.2
LP75301302500 mAh130307.5
LP7530952500 mAh95307.5
LP7540682500 mAh68407.5
LP7545752500 mAh75457.5
LP8042582500 mAh58428
LP8042602500 mAh60428
LP8050502500 mAh50508
LP8250592500 mAh59508.2
LP8445582500 mAh58458.4
LP8539662500 mAh66398.5
LP8548502500 mAh50488.5
LP8740582500 mAh58408.7
LP8836662500 mAh66368.8
LP9050482500 mAh48509
LP9444522500 mAh52449.4
LP9945442500 mAh44459.9
LP8550482530 mAh48508.5
LP1142462550 mAh464211
LP50391052550 mAh105395
LP5359612550 mAh61595.3
LP5456682550 mAh68565.4
LP5461622550 mAh62615.4
LP7648602550 mAh60487.6
LP8232822550 mAh82328.2
LP4864782580 mAh78645
LP1037592600 mAh593710
LP1040492600 mAh494010
LP23105902600 mAh901052.3
LP2991832600 mAh83912.9
LP32511202600 mAh120513.2
LP3370952600 mAh95703.3
LP3468932600 mAh93683.4
LP34701002600 mAh100703.4
LP3475952600 mAh95753.4
LP3560932600 mAh93603.5
LP35621002600 mAh100623.5
LP3570902600 mAh90703.5
LP3570922600 mAh92703.5
LP36601042600 mAh104603.6
LP3963912600 mAh91633.9
LP40821142600 mAh114824
LP4260882600 mAh88604.2
LP4466752600 mAh75664.4
LP4562952600 mAh95624.5
LP4964702600 mAh70644.9
LP5067582600 mAh58675
LP5145952600 mAh95455.1
LP52521052600 mAh105525.2
LP5257752600 mAh75575.2
LP5342902600 mAh90425.3
LP5553762600 mAh76535.5
LP5560662600 mAh66605.5
LP5846792600 mAh79465.8
LP5855702600 mAh70555.8
LP6057642600 mAh64576
LP62421252600 mAh125426.2
LP6556582600 mAh58566.5
LP6665782600 mAh78656.6
LP6838862600 mAh86386.8
LP6841782600 mAh78416.8
LP7039762600 mAh76397
LP7247582600 mAh58477.2
LP7334742600 mAh74347.3
LP7337742600 mAh74377.3
LP7543632600 mAh63437.5
LP7842632600 mAh63427.8
LP8029952600 mAh95298
LP8040682600 mAh68408
LP8042622600 mAh62428
LP8048582600 mAh58488
LP8939662600 mAh66398.9
LP9250452600 mAh45509.2
LP9539652600 mAh65399.5
LP9640582600 mAh58409.6
LP1135602650 mAh603511
LP30681052650 mAh105683
LP3372842650 mAh84723.3
LP33741082650 mAh108743.3
LP33791072650 mAh107793.3
LP3382742650 mAh74823.3
LP3560882650 mAh88603.5
LP37651252650 mAh125653.7
LP3777982650 mAh98773.7
LP3858802650 mAh80583.8
LP3858822650 mAh82583.8
LP3872952650 mAh95723.8
LP4164702650 mAh70644.1
LP5055652650 mAh65555
LP5955592650 mAh59555.9
LP6555592650 mAh59556.5
LP7050582650 mAh58507
LP8531962650 mAh96318.5
LP9748502650 mAh50489.7
LP1234602700 mAh603412
LP1340452700 mAh454013
LP24741302700 mAh130742.4
LP2597932700 mAh93972.5
LP2690992700 mAh99902.6
LP2985932700 mAh93852.9
LP2988902700 mAh90882.9
LP32481192700 mAh119483.2
LP33491092700 mAh109493.3
LP33591252700 mAh125593.3
LP35531252700 mAh125533.5
LP35601082700 mAh108603.5
LP3570952700 mAh95703.5
LP3570982700 mAh98703.5
LP38591022700 mAh102593.8
LP4063922700 mAh92634
LP4160672700 mAh67604.1
LP4266842700 mAh84664.2
LP4584602700 mAh60844.5
LP4661822700 mAh82614.6
LP4858822700 mAh82584.8
LP50511062700 mAh106515
LP5259742700 mAh74595.2
LP60351102700 mAh110356
LP6152722700 mAh72526.1
LP6643822700 mAh82436.6
LP7050602700 mAh60507
LP7243722700 mAh72437.2
LP7248552700 mAh55487.2
LP7248652700 mAh65487.2
LP7550602700 mAh60507.5
LP7557522700 mAh52577.5
LP8139642700 mAh64398.1
LP8439652700 mAh65398.4
LP8840652700 mAh65408.8
LP9038682700 mAh68389
LP9048532700 mAh53489
LP9535662700 mAh66359.5
LP1040572750 mAh574010
LP30491182750 mAh118493
LP31481182750 mAh118483.1
LP3190822750 mAh82903.1
LP3555922750 mAh92553.5
LP5750522750 mAh52505.7
LP9242612750 mAh61429.2
LP9244612750 mAh61449.2
LP1036652800 mAh653610
LP1042582800 mAh584210
LP1136572800 mAh573611
LP1142442800 mAh444211
LP1236542800 mAh543612
LP1244442800 mAh444412
LP1440442800 mAh444014
LP26921002800 mAh100922.6
LP2785892800 mAh89852.7
LP28701202800 mAh120702.8
LP30631212800 mAh121633
LP30691102800 mAh110693
LP30751122800 mAh112753
LP30751142800 mAh114753
LP3275952800 mAh95753.2
LP3479882800 mAh88793.4
LP35481192800 mAh119483.5
LP3572952800 mAh95723.5
LP3770952800 mAh95703.7
LP3870922800 mAh92703.8
LP4060882800 mAh88604
LP4363872800 mAh87634.3
LP4366782800 mAh78664.3
LP4464842800 mAh84644.4
LP4660862800 mAh86604.6
LP4760792800 mAh79604.7
LP4761792800 mAh79614.7
LP4860802800 mAh80604.8
LP4959812800 mAh81594.9
LP50421152800 mAh115425
LP5048982800 mAh98485
LP5062742800 mAh74625
LP5157832800 mAh83575.1
LP5349912800 mAh91495.3
LP5555852800 mAh85555.5
LP5846842800 mAh84465.8
LP6050802800 mAh80506
LP6343882800 mAh88436.3
LP6752682800 mAh68526.7
LP6838842800 mAh84386.8
LP6840822800 mAh82406.8
LP7044742800 mAh74447
LP7542712800 mAh71427.5
LP7848772800 mAh77487.8
LP8043672800 mAh67438
LP8048772800 mAh77488
LP8335822800 mAh82358.3
LP8440712800 mAh71408.4
LP8543652800 mAh65438.5
LP8745692800 mAh69458.7
LP9050552800 mAh55509
LP9343592800 mAh59439.3
LP9845452800 mAh45459.8
LP32601302850 mAh130603.2
LP3566832850 mAh83663.5
LP4065892850 mAh89654
LP7350602850 mAh60507.3
LP7543722850 mAh72437.5
LP8034882850 mAh88348
LP8242702850 mAh70428.2
LP6556592860 mAh59556.5
LP8240692860 mAh69408.2
LP1035652900 mAh653510
LP1040582900 mAh584010
LP1047502900 mAh504710
LP1134652900 mAh653411
LP1145512900 mAh514511
LP27721272900 mAh127722.7
LP28100882900 mAh881002.8
LP28801082900 mAh108802.8
LP32601072900 mAh107603.2
LP3286862900 mAh86863.2
LP3479932900 mAh93793.4
LP3480902900 mAh90803.4
LP35481182900 mAh118483.5
LP35491082900 mAh108493.5
LP35531402900 mAh140533.5
LP3767982900 mAh98673.7
LP38461432900 mAh143463.8
LP3867952900 mAh95673.8
LP5459782900 mAh78595.4
LP60401032900 mAh103406
LP6743862900 mAh86436.7
LP6839822900 mAh82396.8
LP6850672900 mAh67506.8
LP7039822900 mAh82397
LP7050702900 mAh70507
LP7153652900 mAh65537.1
LP7243732900 mAh73437.2
LP7255632900 mAh63557.2
LP7545682900 mAh68457.5
LP8050642900 mAh64508
LP8447652900 mAh65478.4
LP8534822900 mAh82348.5
LP9530902900 mAh90309.5
LP9638652900 mAh65389.6
LP9643602900 mAh60439.6
LP9942612900 mAh61429.9
LP35491092910 mAh109493.5
LP33481192915 mAh119483.3
LP34491192915 mAh119493.4
LP4059962920 mAh96594
LP4868702950 mAh70684.8
LP9836672980 mAh67369.8
Voltage 3.7V
L = Length, W = Width, T = Thickness [mm]